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If you haven’t lately, you need to check out American Stationery’s clearance section.  New and exciting items are added all the time. We currently have an abundance of calendars for only $3.95! Whether you like the weekly sheets or a month at a time we can help you keep on top of everything!

The week by week calendars come in a slender 11″ by 4 1/4″. This size makes it easy to move around the house from the desk to the kitchen and more. But,  with this price, why not just purchase more than one?

We offer a style to suit every room and personality in your home. With several different attractive designs to choose from you no longer have an excuse to not stay on track.

If monthly glances are more your thing, check out the full sized calendars which measure to 11″ by 8 1/2″. These pads also offer 52 tear away sheets easy for those who, have difficulties keeping up and sometimes write down the wrong time. You can also adapt it to work as a weekly calendar.

It’s tough stuff keeping up with PTO meetings, soccer practice, swim lessons and church choir practice. Take a peek at the family scheduler item # 3055_01. With over 52 sheets and plenty of blank space to write you can jot down every little appointment and after it’s all done don’t forget to pencil in a little relaxation time too!

Know a teenager who just always seems to be busy? Teach her time management skills now! Learning how to manage one’s time effectively is a key to success. The item number 3055_02(My Crazy Calendar) is the perfect gift for the busy teen girl in your life. With funk colors and spots already filled with necessary categories like school and of course fun! It will be a breeze to keep up with all the things being a “carefree” teenager entails. 52 sheets for $3.95 is a small price to pay to teach such a big lesson!

Know someone newly engaged? Send them this adorable calendar as a way to help them remember all those appointments they are soon going to make! There are so many things to do before you get to the grand finale of walking down the aisle. With cake tastings, tux fittings and more a calendar will make an adorable and very helpful engagement gift! With a years worth of tear away sheets she’ll feel very good about marking things off and throwing sheets away! Item number 3055_06(My Wedding Countdown) is  sold in the larger size of 11″ by 8 1/2″ for $3.95. Know a lot of young women? Stock up and buy several to keep on hand just in case, remember Christmas and New Years Eve are two of the biggest dates to receive an engagement ring. 

New mom’s and even second or third time moms need all the help they can get. Check out our Baby Baby calendar.  Keeping track of all the daily tasks is difficult. With sleep deprivation and doctors appointments it’s no wonder their memory is gone!  This calendar makes it a snap to keep track of all the things that come with having a new baby, not to mention getting him or her on a schedule. If you plan on having a sitter, from time to time it will make their life easier as well by outlining the day for them. Item 3055_10 is $3.95 and contains one years worth of sheets.

Tired of hearing “Moooom what’s for dinner?!” Us too! With the Le Menu Calendar item number 3055_11 you’ll no longer have to answer that question, just point to the calendar wherever it hangs.  It’ll save you from answering that question all what, 20 times a day and will help you to plan out your meals. It’s also said that planning meals out ahead of time helps people who are on a diet, stay focused and even keep you on budget as you tend to avoid frivolous impulse snacks. This also makes an ideal gift for the newlywed or a housewarming present. For just $3.95 for 52 tear away sheets buy a few for all the busy families you know!

With winter holidays around the corner invites for holiday parties are sure to start pouring in, as are lists from kids and grandkids of what they want this year. With work and all of your other every day tasks it’s now wonder people feel holiday stress. But, a hustle bustle calendar will definitely ease your mind. Like many of  the other calendars this item number is 3055_09(Christmas Calendar) and is sold in the large 11″ by 8 1/2″ size with 52 sheets! Noticing when you have a holiday party or shopping date will keep you ready for the holidays and hopefully stress free. So that you can truly enjoy this beautiful season!

While you are making your list of those to buy gifts for this holiday season, don’t forget your child(s) teacher. These folks do so much for our kids all year. It only makes sense that we buy them a little something. We offer a calendar tailored just for them. Showcasing the days of the week and featuring little areas for homework, and the daily assignments this calendar will help even the most organized teach! The item number is 3055_14(Cool School Calendar) and is an inexpensive and adorable way of showing your child’s teacher just how much you care. Also sold in the large size and decorated with super cute school designs like apples and text books. 

Don’t forget to look at our clearance calendars right away. At this price, they won’t be around long!

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