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Creating an atmosphere for a birthday party no matter what kind of birthday party it is; is very important. Do you remember being a kid and walking into a place that seemed magical? It may have only been that your parents moved the furniture around. Or it could have been balloons all over the place. But kids notice those details whether they say they do or not.

Successful birthday parties can be planned with something as simple as having a color infused birthday party. When looking to do a “color” or simple birthday party, simply use a palate of colors throughout all the details of the party. Take a primary palate or maybe a soft color palate. There are endless combinations that could be used.

Another great thing about colors is that it makes for very nice party pictures.

Start with your invitations:

Colorful Balloons Invitations are a festive palate to start with that is perfect for any occasion.

Birthday Blowout Invitations are lined with colorful lit candles and includes 20 invitations and 20 plain white envelopes.

Cupcake Tower Invitations have the perfect colors matched with the perfect dessert for a party.

You can continue with the party decorations and if you can’t include the colors in the favors at least wrap them in paper that’s made of the colors of the party. When you don’t pick out a specific theme and go for a “color” theme it actually will give you more options and thus more decisions to make. So, if you have a hard time making decisions on the details maybe you would be better suited to pick a specific theme.

Color affects your most important sense… your sight.

Colorful Happy Birthday Banner

It’s not something you see everywhere and it is truly vibrant with colors. There are all kinds of banners out there that you can purchase that are quite colorful and unique.

Don’t find what you are looking for? Make it. Paint one on some butcher paper. There are tons of paper places around now where you can buy butcher paper in all kinds of colors. Paint a Birthday message on it or let one of your children loose with the project. Just make sure it’s not the birthday girl/boy.

Colorful Balloons

Balloons are the best way to add a punch of color to a birthday party. Another big key to having balloons is that they give height to your decorations. Most of the time we have birthday parties at places where the ceiling height is so high, the kids feel wee little. When you add balloons to the decor, they bring the scale back down to the kid’s level and can really set a room. Pay to have someone else blow them up for you or rent a tank for a fraction of the cost from a local party supply store and blow them up yourself.


When you set a birthday party at a location that is either a large park, a condo complex or somewhere you need to guide your guests to where the actual party is, you need to think creatively. Put streamers, balloons, or any hand made sign on anything that could attract attention to where the party is. It’s always a good idea to mark multiple routes to the party, you can also add directions and a phone number or email for easy contact.

The biggest thing to remember when directing traffic is to think about where people might park, which direction they might come from and bright colors. At a park, your guests will come from many directions and it may be prudent to provide multiple party directions. If the park has “entry” points, I really like the chalk idea. Have fun with yet one more creative outlet.

Outdoor Birthday Gathering Spot

Many outdoor birthday parties will be at your home but probably more of the outdoor parties that we go to are on location somewhere. If you are blessed to live in a city that is filled with parks, they are the perfect location to host a birthday party. When you choose to have a party outside, decorations can be important to anchor where the “party” central is going to be. Another great way to designate the gathering spot is by throwing out a blanket or two they provide a natural gathering spot. Use a colorful quilt or even a colorful sheet. Enjoy your party and be aware of the items you use to make your outdoor party cohesive.

Outdoor Birthday Party Games for Kids

When it comes to outdoor birthday party games, the old faithful seem to win out over all others. Pretty much any game that can be played inside can be played outside. But not vise versa.

Outdoor Birthday Party Games

Having a water hose attached to pretty much anything can provide a long span of fun for almost any kid, especially if it’s hot outside. If you plan to do this, it’s always helpful to give the parents a heads up to bring a bathing suit.

An outdoor bug party, they pinned the spots on the lady bug, at a winter party, pin the parts on a snowman. It’s always good to supply some towels for anything involving water, some parents may forget and this is where you can excel by providing more than the basics.

Play Time

It really doesn’t matter the age of a child… you give them a few balls or riding toys or a net and a gym and the kids will figure out something to play! When you want to personalize a party it doesn’t mean that you have to plan and schedule every second of the party. Have the party at a location that lends it’s self to free play. You can eat up 30 min to an hour with the kids just getting their wiggles out. Don’t be afraid of the down time and let them make their own fun with free play.

Opening Presents

Most of the time, the kids don’t even know what present they brought. Most parents have learned that having a smaller party is better. I think young children are just as excited about this as your child will be and it can be built into the schedule of the party. Most parties roll right into it after the cake and ice cream.

If the party is a longer one, let that be an activity during a lull in the scheduled events. While pizza is cooking is the perfect time.

If you have a huge party, the biggest thing to remember is to assign someone else besides yourself to be in charge of writing down whom each present is from. I know manners say that if you open a present while the giver is sitting there with you, there is no need to send a thank you note. But I just think it’s nicer for the kids to start off early letting their friends know how much they appreciate them. So, no matter if you open the presents during the party or not, it’s good to have a record of who gave what. And it needs to be someone else who is in charge of the list since you will be busy doing other things.

Horizontal Photo Correspondence Cards are perfect for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birth announcements, etc. The possibilities are endless! Why send a bland thank you or announcement when you can send a personalized photo card? Your horizontal text is printed in the left corner of the card and a colorful vertical stripe borders the right side of your photo.

Bright Cards for Bright Young Writers are framed in primary colors, these junior-size flat correspondence cards are just the size to say hi, thank you, or what’s new? Kids will love seeing their full name printed on their own cards.

Polka Dot Pizzazz Notes dotted and striped fold notes that are perfect for teaching the art of saying “”Thank You””.

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