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Everybody likes to have an unforgettable birthday. With the popularity of the television show My Super Sweet Sixteen, the popularity of extreme, elegant parties have rose right along with it. Since not everyone can afford those elaborate birthday bashes like portrayed in the television show, choose a sweet sixteen invitation that draws everyone’s attention. When choosing the right sweet sixteen invitations, there are a few things to look for before selecting just any old invitation. Your sweet sixteen invitations should catch the receiver’s eyes. The invitations should have colors that immediately draw attention, the birthday party specifics need to be very legible and clear, and a touch of sophistication is nice since this is a milestone birthday. A more grown up look is an important thing since this is the year you get your drivers license. American Stationery has recently began selling sweet sixteen invitations that cover the previously mention criteria.


A cute, fun, sophisticated sweet sixteen invitation is all available in this one product. The top of these sweet sixteen invitations has a fairly large pale green banner that says it all – "Sweet 16." Below the word "sweet" lies a row of colorful dots with a giant 16 next to it. Underneath the sophisticated, eye catching banner is the ever important birthday bash specifics. The sweet sixteen information rests upon a crisp white background. This invitation comes in your choice of font and color for the important party information. To complete the invitation another banner rests along the bottom of the invitation. The bottom banner has two rows of different color polka dots set on the white background. When it comes to sophistication and attention getting sweet sixteen invitations, this invitation is an excellent choice.


Many women like to be treated like a princess. One of those times is at their sweet sixteen. This sweet sixteen invitation combines two important aspects, turning sixteen and being a princess. Featured at the top of these invitations is the word sweet, the large numeral 16, and a beautiful tiara (which is necessary for any princess). Below this adorable header is the sweet sixteen specifics. The birthday bash information is printed in your choice of font and color and rests on the crisp, clean white background. Underlying the sweet sixteen specifics lies two rows of colorful polka dots that add a beautiful finishing touch. Looking for cute and sophisticated, then these sweet sixteen princess invitations are just the thing for any young princess.

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