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Kids Party Food

Food is always a tough thing with kids. Is someone allergic to peanuts, do the parents let them eat pizza, will they be hungry? It’s always tough. There are some simple food plates that you can prepare for a birthday party for kids that will always be a hit.

Fruit can be prepared ahead of time and easily refrigerated prior to the party. Grapes, orange slices, mandarin oranges, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries are all great. \ Apples and pears are great, but they will start to turn after they have been sliced. A lemon bath will slow the browning process.

Typically any sandwich goes over well, especially if it is cut in a cool shape. Be creative with your shapes and use cookie cutters to follow the theme of your party. If not, the kids won’t really care as long as the crust is cut off. All the kids I’ve ever known will eat almost anything.

Great sandwich toppings: Cream Cheese and cucumber, cream cheese and strawberries, egg salad, chicken salad, peanut butter and jelly, mayo & tomato and so on. Pick a couple of these and you will be good to go in preparing the food for your kid’s birthday party.

Princess Party Food

Most kids with full tummies are happy kids or are one of the elements to keeping them happy. The most important thing is to feed them the things that they will want to eat.

Mask any sandwich in an interesting design and kids will want to eat them. For a princess party you can cut your sandwiches into a crown design. Two choices that I think go over the best: a cheese sandwich and then a peanut butter sandwich.

In addition to the sandwiches, you could serve platters of fruit and cut veggies. This is always a great way to keep the moms happy.

Pirate’s Booty

What kind of pirate birthday party do you think you’ll have without a little pirate booty? I’m sure that there are more snacks out there that include the word pirate.

Pirates in general didn’t seem to have the best diet, but that doesn’t mean that your kids have to eat trash at your child’s pirate birthday party.

Popcorn, crackers, chicken wings, fish sticks, these are just a few examples that you can easily add a theme to. I would say decorating a cardboard box as a treasure chest with treats in it would go over well especially if you draw a treasure map to find it. “X” marks the spot!

Drink Bucket

It’s always good to have drinks at a level that all guests can access them. You will have enough to do during the party so you don’t want to have to act as bartender as well. Whether your party is indoors or out of doors, it’s always good to have drinks on ice and it’s always festive to have a “drink bucket.” A large cooler on the table with ice and drinks, and a large one on the ground with ice and a serving utensil will do the trick.

Make sure that your drink bucket has a large variety of big and small water bottles, juice boxes or other drinks you want to provide. It’s also smart to make a themed drink in large quantity; this will help the general atmosphere.

DYO Foam Cups are personalized 16 oz. white foam cups that will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, perfect for any seasonal party.

14 oz. Frosted Tumblers come in a six sizes and can be personalized with a graphic and choice of ink.

8 oz. Clear Tumbler – With Design come in a six sizes and can be personalized with a graphic and choice of ink. They also come in 12 or 16 oz. sizes.

Ice Cream Birthday Cakes

Kids and adults love to eat ice cream and cake. So, what better time to have them at a birthday party? Ice cream cakes are a wonderful alternative and I’ve never seen an ice cream store that doesn’t make or offer ice cream cakes of some sort. They aren’t always the most creative cakes but what’s to say that you couldn’t get a plain one, take it home and decorate it yourself? Most stores that sell them will write a name or a name and “happy birthday” on it. Depending on the cake, you can experience a few glitches with ice cream cakes. If you don’t plan to eat it at the ice cream store, don’t forget to take along a strong sharp knife to cut the cake. And depending on how hard or soft you want the cake to be when you serve it, you’ll need to gauge the outdoor temperature. Most of the time you want to get it out of its freezer environment ahead of time so it is easier to handle and cut.

Homemade Birthday Cake on Vintage Plate

Don’t want to pay $100 to $200 or even $300 for someone else to make your child’s birthday cake? Don’t feel comfortable doing cake cutouts and all kinds of fancy stuff? Or don’t have the time to do it yourself? No worries, a regular homemade 3 layer cake can be beautiful and can certainly do the job.If you don’t have the money, time or don’t think you have the talent or tools to make a fancy cake, never fear. Just make a cake. It’s all about blowing out the candles anyway.

Colorful Balloon Birthday Cake

A great way to add color to a birthday cake without looking to generic is to choose a pattern that has large blocks of color. Other ideas for using blocks of color on a cake would be to use circles of varying sizes. Then you could always do a striped cake with the stripes in a pattern of colors or random colors. Even the stripes could be of varying patterns. If you are having a hard time envisioning it. There are really great pictures online to check out, just don’t get overwhelmed with this project. Another great and easy way is to make cupcakes, you can usually make them in large quantities and decorate them easily with food coloring and frosting.

Birthday Party Music

Setting the mood of your birthday party is just as important as with an evening cocktail party. Besides everyone being incredibly visual, most folks also love music!

When you are planning a birthday party, especially for kids, you get all caught up in the business of the party and forget about some of the other important details.

Now that digital music is so popular, providing your own music can not be easier. Really you can’t go wrong with background music. I’ve been to parties where the music is all kids oriented and others where the music is more along what the parents like. Most of

The kids love much of the adult music as well. As long as it’s up beat, everyone will enjoy it.

Thank You Notes

No one ever does this anymore and people really seem to appreciate them.

Remember we are now talking about your child and don’t go all glamorous with the note, think of them first. A personal touch doesn’t have to be a perfect one. Having the message glued on crooked and home made is totally a personal touch, but it is much easier to purchase personalized fold notes from a stationery company. Make sure you are

creative in how you involve your child. The important thing is that at some age around kindergarten or first grade, they should become involved in thanking folks for their gifts.

Neon Correspondence Card Set captures the brightness of the latest colors in your correspondence with these neon cards. They are bordered in bright blue, orange, green, and hot pink, personalized in black ink in your choice of our typestyles.

Safari Notes will help you or your children show their wild side, matching correspondence cards and stickers are also available.

Kid’s Critter Notes will help inspire young writers with a colorful critter design, ink color, and personalized with their first name.

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