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Imprintable birth announcements allow you to design and lay out the message you prefer to be printed on them rather than some wording a company may print on all their birth announcements. You can also use your favorite fonts and ink colors.

The downside of buying blank birth announcements is…they are blank. You have to know what information to include on them. We’re here to help. Most birth announcements include the names of the parents, the name of the new baby, date and time of their birth, their birth weight and birth length. Optionally, some people choose to put the names of the baby’s siblings on the announcement as well. When you print the birth announcements yourself, there are no restrictions, include whatever information you feel people would want to know.

Another advantage of choosing imprintable announcements is you can order the stock in advance and be ready to print them the day or day after the birth. Printed announcements from companies like American Stationery must be ordered after the birth of your child, as all the relevant information is unknown until that point. Unless the company offers a quick turnaround time, you risk losing a week or two before you can mail them out.

Knowing your baby’s gender prior to birth allows you to prepare your home for the baby. It also allows you to choose the styles and colors you want to use on your imprintable baby announcements. If you choose to wait until after your new baby arrives to find out the baby’s gender, you might want to choose neutral colors like yellow or pastel green to be on the safe side.

Birth announcements are a practical and fun way to announce the arrival of your new family member! Share your happiness with your loved ones!

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