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Send announcements, write thank yous, or send general notes using our sweet pastel hand bordered notes. 

The hot pink hand bordered notes are an especially fun and modern way to communicate with friends and family on behalf of your little girl.


Even if your little one isn’t talking or writing on his own yet, you can help him start communicating in style!  Stationery personalized for kids is a great option for hand-writen birthday present thank-you notes and more.

Kids Critter Notes come with your child’s name and favorite animal. Optional printed envelopes are also available to help encourage your little writer to drop his masterpiece in the mail.

The geometric notes are a colorful and popular option for young writers of all ages


Teen stationery should be fun AND functional.  Custom notes and envelopes allow teens to express who they are in a sophisticated (but not stuffy) way.

One great option for teens is the friendly, personal notes, which provide a crisp yet casual look.

For the bolder teenage, polka dots or curls and swirls might really be her style.

The light-hearted graduation notes are a great way for graduates of all ages to send thank yous, invitations to parties, and announcements


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