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We all have people on our Christmas list that are difficult to please. But, could there be a group more difficult to please than the teenage girl? When most everything is met with an eye-roll, a fake smile, or a borderline rude hair flip, they’re nearly impossible to read let alone please.

Here at American Stationery, we like to think we might have a few tricks up our sleeve for you. Below is a list of a few things that we feel are less likely to induce a hefty sigh followed up with a “you just don’t get it” face.

Remember all those photos you took of her and all her best friends just before the big dance?  Upload her favorite and order a custom case for her phone. We offer four different sized covers from the item number 9596 which fit’s the iPhone 3, to the item number 9597 which fit’s the  iPhone 4 and 4s. We also have the item number 9598 which is for the Samsung Galaxy II and the 9599 which is for BlackBerry Bold. Each phone cover is just $39.00.  She can take her favorite photo with her on the go and show it off to all of her friends. All cases fully wrap the phone and show no edges of your device.

For the teen who likes to keep busy take a peek at our clearance section which houses a whole slew of calendar options. A great one for the teenage girl is the number 3055_02, my Crazy Calendar is the name of this one and it is appropriately named! With vibrant colors and an over the top design this calendar will make the most critical teen excited to organize her daily activities. With already marked sections for things like school and friends it will be easy to divide the day up into categories. Each calendar measures 11” x 8.5” and comes with 52 tear off sheets. Available for just $3.95 it’s a great addition to a gift bag or as a stocking stuffer.

While for the most part writing notes and passing them through class has been replaced with texting many teenage girls are still painstakingly taught to write thank you’s for gifts they receive. The tote bag correspondence cards item number 2118 have just enough whimsy and just enough polish for the shopper in your life. These cards are sold in a set of   20 for $36.00 the flat card measures to about 6.25” x 4.625” and a plain white envelope is included.  These adorable cards feature multi-colored tote bags at the bottom and her name at the top.

Know an over achiever? Help keep her on the ball and organized with a unique stocking stuffer. We currently have a few different file folder designs in our clearance section. At this time we feature four different and distinct designs all sold in sets of eight for $4.95! The pink swirls and pearls design features funky pink and orange swirling almost paisley like designs. The item number for this set is CW116F.  Not a pink kind of girl? No worries we also feature the same design in green. That’s number CW103F. If deeper shades are more her thing the funky Moroccan design may be better suited number CW104F or for the beach babe, check out our delicious pineapple design, number CW105F!

Some of us learn at an early age the importance of making to do lists. Who doesn’t enjoy making the list, staring down at the tasks ahead of you and the wonderful rush of excitement you feel when you mark a task as completed? Teach her to keep herself on task by making lists now, so that she’ll keep up in the future. It’s easy to make a list when you have a fun notepad with your initial at the top! Item number 9076 is our green trendy dot list pad. This pad is designed with funky circular designs in the trendy blue, green, and chocolate combo. With a single initial at the top, it won’t be mistaken for her sister’s and she can keep her tasks close at hand. The price is $9.95 for a pad of 60 sheets and measures out to a size of 3.625” by 6”. This size is ideal for making it’s way in to a comfortable spot in her purse.

You’d be hard pressed to find a teenage girl who isn’t obsessed with photos of her and her friends. With the ability to purchase inexpensive digital cameras and the fact, that almost all teen girls own a cell phone with a camera it’s easier than ever to take photos with our pals. Pick out two of her favorite photos and then check out the awesome photo memo cube we currently offer.  Item number 2883 is $19.95 and contains 675 sheets. You can choose two photos for the cube and they will be printed in an alternating pattern. The memo pads are self stick and the cube itself measures to be 3 3/8” tall. This product is produced at a separate facility and will take up to four weeks to receive.

With many more unique and stylish options it’s easy to find, a gift that will suite her style. Whatever it may be and no matter how often it may change. So sit back, relax, and scope out our website there are so many choices, it just may take a while. As always if in doubt you can give us a call and ask for a recommendation. Our staff has years of experience and a plethora of knowledge on what sells best to different ages.

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