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There’s a certain irony to the fact that we’re living in the Age of Information – the 21st century – but, in some ways, we have never been more disconnected from one another. We could (and probably do) have a million ways to keep in touch – from Facebook, to email, to text message – but we rarely actually connect in a meaningful way.

That’s exactly why we’re seeing more people rediscovering the simple joys of handwritten letters and notes. A handwritten letter really stands out in a world where email, instant messages, and texts are the norm. It’s special, striking a chord in a way nothing else does, and special letters written to special people deserve the perfect canvas – real stationery.

In fact, writing materials like stationery make the perfect gift for just about any occasion. It’s personal without being too personal. It’s affordable, it’s useful, and it’s heartfelt as well. The following are just a few moments that are perfect for giving the gift of stationery.

1. A Globetrotting Friend Embarking on a New Adventure
Do you have a good friend or a beloved family member making plans to travel abroad soon? Looking for a small but beautiful gift to give in order to wish them well in their adventures? Consider ordering them some personalized stationery that features colors, designs, and details that you know they’ll love. Many travelers – especially those that can’t imagine not writing to their friends while they’re away – enjoy alternatives to postcards, and stationery is the perfect pick.

2. A Child Going Away to Camp
Far too many children today are growing up without having ever experienced the joys of sending and receiving handwritten letters. If you have a little one who is equal parts nervous and excited to be attending summer camp, band camp, or space camp soon, then there’s no time like the present to introduce them to handwritten correspondence. Themed, personalized stationery will make writing feel fun and special. Consider buying yourself some special personalized stationery, as well, that you know will make your child smile when they receive your letters.

3. A Bride Getting Used to Her New Name
When a bride is newly married, there’s a certain magic that comes along with just about anything bearing her new married name. She’s also very likely in the process of adding new little touches to her home for the first time as part of a married couple. Give her something special to add to her office – something just for her. Personalized stationery, notecards, or thank you cards with her new name on it will be just the thing.

4. A Community Letter-Writing Effort
Do you know someone who jumps at the chance to write letters to strangers that may not have pen pals of their own – strangers like soldiers serving overseas and elderly community members? Are you part of a group that makes it a point to participate in such projects together? Why not kick off the next group effort with some new stationery for the members you’re closest with? Beautiful, good quality, personalized stationery will enhance the connections forged for both people involved.

5. A Secret Santa Exchange at Work
If your office has a Secret Santa event around the holidays every year, then you don’t need to be told it’s something of a mixed bag. Being chosen as someone’s Secret Santa is definitely fun. However, choosing a good but inexpensive gift for someone you don’t know well can be stressful and challenging. Stationery, personal notecards, and pens are highly affordable gifts everyone likes and could use more of. Choose a design that suits your recipient’s unique personality or interests.

6. A Friend Moving into a New Home
Moving is one of those experiences that is equal parts exciting and terrifying. Even if you’re excited to be moving into a first apartment, first house, or dream house at long last, it can take a while before it really feels like home. Sometimes it’s the little details that make the most difference – especially if you’re moving further away from your friends than you’d like. Consider building your friend a gift basket for her new home office filled with stationery, note cards, and writing accessories that feature the colors and themes of her new decorating scheme. She’ll love it.

As you can see, handwritten letters are no longer seen as part of each person’s everyday life. Instead, they’ve been elevated to an art form – something special that is the hallmark of a truly meaningful connection. Explore the possibilities today!

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