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ST-PATRICKSIt’s time for the next holiday to start taking over local department stores. With Valentine’s Day over and Easter around the corner it must be time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Personally I’ve always loved this holiday. Sure I have Irish ancestry like so many Americans do but, there is something about the joy this holiday brings without rigidness. The happiness that comes with this holiday makes it a fun holiday for young and old alike.

If you have a lot of correspondences to send this March consider the Irish Fold notes item number 5855. These gorgeous fold notes feature a green Claddagh in the center. With raised ink these notes are ideal ways to send correspondence any time of year with the Claddagh sign a symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship. For $29.95 you will receive 25 notes with plain white envelopes. As always if you wish we can print your return address on the back flap of the envelope for an additional fee. If the Claddagh symbol is not what you would like there are many other Irish designs to choose from like a leaping leprechaun, a Celtic note, or a shamrock. Once you open the inside of the note you will see a large blank area which allows plenty of room for your message.

If you are not in the market right now for a new set of stationery or letterhead but need something write a quick note or small shopping list, then item number 5862 may be best for you. The 4 1/2″ by 7″ note pad features a design of your choice at the top and wording at the bottom. Maybe a green shamrock at the top with “groceries” written at the bottom would work for you? For $19.95 you will receive two 100 sheet padded memos with plenty of room to write. Use them for anything you need to write a quick message on. I have a lot of these sized pads around the house and I have to say writing a short to do list is the number one use I get out of them. They are also great for a short note to your child’s teacher or to be placed as a surprise in your kiddo’s lunch.

If you wish to keep your desk in the Irish theme year round, order a memo cube item number 2807_28. This extremely colorful self- stick memo cube has a shamrock and polka dotted design on each side along with your name or message written in contrasting ink. These memos have 675 sheets and are perfect for adding messages to your lunch, your mirror or an invoice. Keep your desk festive all year with these memo’s for just $19.95.

When sending out your correspondences this spring why not add a little luck of the Irish with item number 5864. These perfectly square labels are adorable with a top hat adorned with a shamrock on them. Your name and address follow the square design. These labels come on a roll of 100 for $9.95 and are perfect to use any time of the year.

If something more subtle yet hip is your style then look to item number 2481, the bold blue round stickers. These vibrantly colored labels are bright blue with a green ring around them. In the center is your name and address printed in a bold contrasting white. These 2.5″ diameter stickers are fun and allow a cool alternative to the typical front placed address label.  If you are using these for Saint Patrick’s day correspondence only, you may be surprised to learn that while green is the color most associated with Ireland, blue is still considered the color that corresponds with Saint Patrick himself. For $19.95 you will receive one box of 24 stickers ready to use.

We hope you find a way to get in the spirit of this fun holiday, by wearing green or using some new green inked stationery. Don’t forget that whatever your ancestry, on Saint Patrick’s Day we are all a little Irish!

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