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We here at American Stationery can certainly say that one of our most popular items are our address labels. They are ideal stocking stuffers, a perfect gift for the newly married couple, the first choice for a housewarming present and for the price, you can really never have too many. So it’s no surprise that we sell so many every year.

All those reasons aside, we thought we’d take a moment to give you an idea of something other than your address to put on these little tags.

With fall finally here and the winter months looming around the corner, it is time that many of us do a lot of our preparations for the long chilly months ahead. What with canning and baking and gift making. The need for tags and labels presents itself all the time.

With over 400 different labels to choose from, it simply is not possible for us to go into detail over all of them in this article. So, lets discuss in more detail why you may need them for something other than your address. After all once you know what you want to put on them, it will be easier to choose the right one for you.

For those of you that can food from your garden, you know that at times it can be difficult to clearly label the jars and still be able to read them months down the road. So if you have a big canning day coming up why not order some simple labels that read: “Canned on date “. Just be sure to order them in plenty of time for the big day.

Not sure what day you will be spending slaving away in the kitchen? Consider ordering them with a blank space mid summer. Simply reading Canned on: ______ will allow you to use plenty of them next year as well and or to give to your sister who didn’t think up such a clever idea.

Other ways to use the labels would be to include messages on them that say things like: Homemade with love
from Grandma Doris

This is a wonderful option for those ultra popular cupcakes baked in a jar. Or homemade salsa! Grandma will love learning a new way to surprise her grandchildren with a yummy treat and the easy peel and stick labels will make it that much easier on her!

Another suggestion would be labels that read:
Seasons Greetings
From the Millers

This would be a terrific choice for the family who gives out those dry ingredient mixes in the jar for the holidays. They are inexpensive, so much fun and wonderful gifts for neighbors and teachers.

Making up trail mix, puppy chow and other delicious snacks is a staple for most homes, with young children in the fall and winter months. Usually this is designed with every intention of taking paper bags full to your child’s first grade class, or sending a big bag off with your grandchild headed to college and more. Why not create sine catchy labels to seal them off with. Also, check out our DYO labels that you can add a design to and make them all the more festive.

Of course never forget to put on the label what it is and who made it. You want your child to get all the bragging rights don’t you?
So, have some fun with one of our hundreds of labels, and put a new “wow” in your gifts this year.

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