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Letter sheets, followed by correspondence sheets and monarch sheets are among the most formal stationery you can use. Sheets may be used blank, or personalized from American Stationery to display your initial or monogram, address, name and address, or a design that fits your style.
Because of their simple elegance, personalized stationery helps you make even more of an impression among business clients and associates. 

Personalized Stationery:

Personalized note cards are the perfect choice when the occasion calls for a quick note, response, or thank you. Considered more formal than correspondence cards, messages sent on folded notes can start on the front of the note unless there is an image centered on the front panel. Or more commonly, your handwritten note begins on the inside lower panel, a reflection of how personal your note is, inside the fold. Sentiments may also continue on the back of the note.Correspondence:
Correspondence cards are the perfect way to send professional-looking communications to your business partners and associates. These cards are one-panel (not fold over) and allow you to jot down a quick hand-written message — much like sending an email. However, unlike an email a correspondence card that is personalized with you name your choice in cards and style will reflect your professionalism.
Although traditionally set on a white, correspondence cards can now be found in almost any color. Personalize your correspondence cards with your name or monogram and choose the type, style, and ink that match your personality. Finally you will have to determine the printing process to be used. Engraving is a highly skilled form of raised printing. The beauty of engraving lies in its three-dimensional quality. Thermography is also raised printing, but uses a different process. Thermography is also cheaper but a nice alternative to engraving when you are on a budget.

Fold Notes:
With so many designs and colors to choose from, choosing the appropriate fold note can be complicated.
If you prefer a more casual look, you may choose a design that incorporates an embossed name or monogram.  If you prefer something more casual, you may choose a printed fold note rather than an embossed fold note.
The new style of digital printing has increased the capabilities of printers and designs everywhere.  Digital printing has not only allowed for multiple color designs, but it has also started a new fad of photo products.  There are now many designs that allow you to add your favorite photo to your stationery.  This new capability is perfect for holiday cards, thank you notes and even wedding announcements.

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