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Summer is typically best known as the season of leisure. We take vacations. We spend time with our families. We reflect and reconnect.

With all the relaxing, it is easy to neglect certain things but, best for the day you must come back to reality if you do not. During the summer we may forget to stay on top of our reading. Reading for pleasure is a terrific way to relax yes, but it also helps to exercise the brain. Don’t forget to pick up a couple summer reads this year at the local bookstore. If you are looking for something easy to travel with and keep you uplifted, take a look at the books offered at American Stationery.

Item #2161 is titled “I know I came in here for something”. It is full of uplifting chuckles to delight you and keep a positive outlook on those inevitable senior moments.

“Laughter was created for days like this” Item #8786 Is an inspiring book full of inspiration and laughter. A reminder that God is there to get us through, this book is a real gem to have on hand.

“Paws for a moment with God” Item # 9479 offers insight from a cat. Full of reflections and devotionals and terrific for the cat lover in you, this charming book will be sure to put a smile on your face.

“My sister my friend” Item #8797 is a delightful book that reminds you sisters are truly one of life’s greatest blessings. Full of admiration, humor and praise, this book is a terrific choice for anyone who knows the true bonds of sisterhood.

Item #8785 is titled “Friends help us over the potholes” This lovely book celebrates friendship in a humorous and heartwarming manor. A great book for you and your best pal as well.

With all of these books (and many more) priced around six dollars, they are great choices to keep on hand as gifts. But, before you send one out, consider purchasing “Just write” priced at $12.95, Item 6212 is a terrific addition to your desk. This book helps you with the art of personal correspondence. Sometimes putting the right words together can be difficult, this book will guide you into composing touching, and expressive letters and notes. Full of tools and techniques, this is a must for all who write!

Don’t forget to purchase notes to keep on hand during the summer months, whether for gift giving or to share news of a recent event. Summery styles abound!

Hibiscus slender notes Item #5946 are fun and colorful. These delightful notes will make a terrific addition to your summer home. The slender size is fun and allows for just the right amount of room to send a few lines. Sold in a set of 24 for $28.95

Awning stripe correspondence card item #2630 is simply a must for the family staying aboard a boat this summer. The elegant bold stripes are accented by a thin border. At $66.00 for 25 cards and envelopes these cards are an affordable and luxurious addition to your boat.

The lollipop flowers note is the perfect choice for the young woman in your life. Maybe your niece is going on her first summer trip with friends, send her with these whimsical notes so she will be sure to keep in touch! The item number is 5877 and she will receive 24 notes for just $24.95.

Keep in touch and enjoy the summertime as slowly as possible, the hustle and bustle in the city will be there waiting when you return.

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