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Adding a signature color to your stationery offers the perfect chance to make a unique and personal statement each time you write a note. It also gives your stationery an extra boost of style. Whether you have loved the same color since kindergarten, want to keep up with the latest color trend or want a variety of colors to choose from when writing a letter, the color you pick for your stationery should reflect your “true colors”.

The colors you like actually say quite a bit about who you are as a person. The color you choose for your stationery will let people know that you are one of a kind, just like the color clothing or nail polish you wear or the color car you drive. If you don’t know which colors you like, then the color masterminds at Pantone can create custom colors based on your birthday. Looking at your surroundings, your wardrobe and your home furnishings can clue you in to just what colors you like.

When picking your stationery you should consider the season. You don’t want to be sending out a Christmas theme in July, just like you wouldn’t want to send pastel colors in the fall. Pastel colors are perfect for spring time. Look to the flowers for inspiration. Summer colors are usually bright, electric yellows, oranges or pinks. For fall you’ll want to choose rich shades like chocolate brown, burgundy, hunter green or rusty orange, think autumn leaves. For winter red and green are an obvious choice, but you could also use gold, silver, plum or navy.

Now that you’ve decided what color you like and which colors go with what season, you’ll also want to keep in mind the purpose for the stationery when choosing a color. You’ll want bright, vibrant colors for fun correspondence cards. However, for a condolence letter you would want to go with a more subdued color such as black, grey, tan or navy. For business stationery you would also want to choose something a little more subdued. It can be a little cheerful, but still should have the business look. Ivory or white paper with black or navy ink is the most common choice for business stationery. For baby announcements pastel colors are the likely choice. Thank you notes can be as you and me. Whether it is vibrant and colorful or discreet and muted, it is completely your choice. Keep in mind though that the thank you note should fit the mood of the message.

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