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Just because a gift basket is called a gift ‘basket’ does not mean you are confined to using only a basket. We give them, get them, and we love them it should be that simple. I’m not sure if it’s the basket or the gifts inside that make this such an ideal gift. Gift baskets are a great modern day gift, but their history is a long one. Baskets date back to ancient times. In fact, certain historical events perhaps paved the way for the modern practice of giving gift baskets. The ancient counterparts to our modern baskets had a more utilitarian function to gather foods and transport goods. Even though baskets today are not a necessity for us, they still serve the same function. Baskets, with their warm earthy tones, serve to gather an array of gifts to present to friends and family. From ancient beginnings to modern traditions gift baskets are bountiful gifts that show our loved ones on their birthday, anniversary, a holiday or any happy occasion how much we care. There are tons of ways to be creative with the vessel that is delivering your gifts. If you have a gift theme in mind, play off that theme while choosing the container for your gifts. Let’s say your theme is cooking, try a colander, large pot or a reusable shopping tote as your gift basket. If you’re putting together a movie gift put your gifts inside a popcorn bucket. Shopping for a baby gift? Put all those cute gifts inside a baby tub or diaper bag. Fill a classic red wagon for a kid’s birthday gift. You can find a diaper bag or baby tub right near all the smaller gifts you’ll be filling them with. The gift recipient also has a reason to reuse the container their gifts came in, what can be better than that?

Making a Basket

Attack this project with a plan. Keep in mind your recipient and the occasion. Pick a theme and run with it from the contents to the container to the wrapping. Once you have the theme in mind the entire basket will fall into place. You’ll also want to be sure that the contents of your gift fit into the basket or container of your choice. A basket that’s too big or too small will look unprofessional and as if you put it together last minute. Pick one or two larger or pricier items and build around that by purchasing smaller items to compliment them. Varying the size and shape of the items in your basket will create a more aesthetically pleasing gift overall. Another way to boost your display aesthetics are to stuff the bottom of your basket with tissue paper, packing peanuts or shredded paper. This allows you to control the height of the items in your basket as well as hold them in place


When shopping for gift baskets online be sure to give yourself plenty of time. Shopping ahead of time will ensure that you get better shipping rates; some companies may even offer free ground shipping. Shopping ahead of time will also allow you time to read up on return policies or guarantees.

If the online options are still more than you want to spend consider a homemade gift basket. It’s a great way to control the cost of the items in your gift basket and you save on the cost of shipping. Often times you may even be able to find the same high quality items for less.

House Warming

Searching for a home and moving can be stressful and extremely rewarding. When your friends or family move into a new home you want to congratulate them on this huge step they’ve taken. If you want your gift to serve a more useful purpose, get a gift that will make home ownership a little easier. Any homeowner will tell you, a good set of tools is one of the single most important things to have handy. Houses require a lot of maintenance and your new homeowner friends will thank you for this one. Another way to say congrats on the new home without all the implied hard work is with a classic wine and gourmet foods basket. Your friends are probably exhausted from all that unpacking and settling in they’re doing. This type of gift really let’s them unwind and enjoy their new home sweet home.

Dip/Serving Board is designed to allow for generous servings of bread and oil or chips, veggies and dip. The undercut handles make for easy carrying or lifting, it comes complete with ramekin pot. It is crafted in Yellow Birch and hand rubbed finish.

Recipe Cards – Box and Dividers Don’t lose Grandma or Aunt Ruth’s recipe for pie, give these cards and ask for one back. Set of 105 cards features 35 Pink, Green, and Orange cards with dividers.

Cutting Board

The boards come in many different sizes and thicknesses that they are ideal for several applications and types of gift baskets. For someone who loves to bake, the larger boards are great for rolling out dough or cutting out cookies. These boards also make a great base for a gift basket. Use the board as the basket and stage your gifts on top of it then wrap it all up with cellophane or a large clear gift bag.

Large Cutting Board features a catch groove on one side for juices and crumbs, while the other side is plain for use as a pastry board or buffet server. Made from Yellow Birch and New England Ash, the board features a subtle combination of color and grain pattern.

Medium Cutting Board This medium hardwood cutting board is perfect for chopping and serving.

Small Cutting Board is perfect for those smaller cutting and chopping tasks.


The easiest gift is the famous card and a check. It’s slim, easy to carry and easy to ditch in those pretty wedding gift card boxes. It’s definitely an appreciated gift, but doesn’t have that personalized touch. They present well and act as a grand gesture of congratulations. For a more romantic flare buy a basket with some red wine and all sorts of chocolate treats. Perhaps the bride and groom you’re shopping for enjoying cooking together; give them a gift basket that will inspire them to create a great home cooked meal as husband and wife. With a wedding gift basket you’ll be saying congratulations and the newlyweds will be saying thank you!

Scented Personalized Soap Sets are scented and beautifully carved with the name or monogram of your choice. Available in gift boxed sets of 3 in your choice of Pale Pink with Satsuma scent, Pale Green with Green Tea & Bergamot scent, Pale Blue with Wild Blue Lupin scent, Tan with Aqua Mineral Water scent, Pale Lavender with Lavender scent or Ivory with Verbena scent.

Inspire Spa Set made “fresh” in Vermont and triple milled for quality and long-lasting lather. These 100% vegetable-based soaps exude an aqua mineral scent that is water-based for mass appeal. The neutral, warm white color compliments every décor. Your choice of personalization is deeply carved into each individual bar.

Palm Wax Natural Scent Candle are 100% palm wax candles infused with pure plant-based essential oils. Waxes are 100% natural and biodegradable; no paraffin wax and virtually soot-free. Your choice of personalization is deeply carved into each candle.

College Student/Teacher

School is back in session for all grade levels as well as college students. Most parents are running around town to get the last minute supplies together and need to make sure that one little thing that you may forget to get. You can not forget about that college student in your life that you care about and want to make sure that they stay on track to graduate. For the college student you can save on things as well like dorm room supplies and most of all, the important care package. Why not start the school year with fill my fridge gift package?  Anything goes like packaged noodles, a healthy fruit snack basket, junk food basket or a school spirit gift basket.

Teacher Memo Pads are cute Red apple memos make great teacher gifts.

Credit Card Case makes a great alternative to a bulky wallet. Fashioned in sleek Black leatherette, this case features an engraved brushed silver plate and eight double-sided slots for credit cards, IDs and miscellaneous documents.

Weekender Tote Bag is perfect for weekend trips or vacations and transporting to and from class, this tote features one exterior pocket, one interior zippered pocket and a zip top closure. Available in natural cotton canvas trimmed in black and embroidered with your choice of monogram or single initial.

Once the arranging is done, wrapping the entire display will complete your presentation. A few options are cellophane, shrink wrap or a gift bag. You can find these wrappings at most craft stores. Finish off the look with a bow or ribbon still keeping in the theme of your gift. Designing your own gift basket can be a fun project and very rewarding when you see how pleased the recipient is!

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