Birthday Party Timeline Brainstorming In planning your birthday party, you need more time than you think.  Unless you plan to go out and purchase everything out of a box and give it to someone else to organize, planning a birthday party does take some thought and effort.  But with the right tools your brainstorming can be a pleasurable experience!  Below is one of the best Birthday Party Planning Timeline for those of you who like to stay organized. 6-8 Weeks in Advance Choose Theme/Idea for Birthday Party with your Child Plan a Date and Time Locate a party facility and book it. Your home and/or back yard are great choices. Quiz host location on what service/items they will provide or help you with.  Every place that caters to birthday parties will have their own system and it’s good to know that up front. Save the Dates 4 Weeks in Advance Make Guest List Create Invitations Plan Events or Activities Decide on Decorations Look for and decide on Party Favors 3 Weeks in Advance Make or begin making/assembling Decorations Make or begin making/assembling Activities Make or begin making/assembling Favors 2 Weeks in Advance Send invitations (could also be sent earlier but if...Read More
Creating an atmosphere for a birthday party no matter what kind of birthday party it is; is very important. Do you remember being a kid and walking into a place that seemed magical? It may have only been that your parents moved the furniture around. Or it could have been balloons all over the place. But kids notice those details whether they say they do or not. Successful birthday parties can be planned with something as simple as having a color infused birthday party. When looking to do a “color” or simple birthday party, simply use a palate of colors throughout all the details of the party. Take a primary palate or maybe a soft color palate. There are endless combinations that could be used. Another great thing about colors is that it makes for very nice party pictures. Start with your invitations: Colorful Balloons Invitations are a festive palate to start with that is perfect for any occasion. Birthday Blowout Invitations are lined with colorful lit candles and includes 20 invitations and 20 plain white envelopes. Cupcake Tower Invitations have the perfect colors matched with the perfect dessert for a party. You can continue with the party decorations and...Read More
In the past, wedding anniversaries before the twentieth or twenty-fifth years were not usually celebrated publicly. These days, however, it is not uncommon for a couple to want to celebrate any milestone anniversary with family and friends. Ten Years Gone By A 10-year wedding anniversary is no exception, as many couples are proud and pleased to have reached this significant point together. For an unforgettable anniversary celebration, simply keep in mind the ideas of love and commitment and the symbols associated with the 10-year wedding anniversary. Recognize that a 10-year wedding anniversary demonstrates the strong commitment of the couple. With rising divorce rates, some people no longer believe in the commitment of marriage. With that in mind, creating a marriage and maintaining it for a decade is certainly something to celebrate. Having reached the 10-year mark means the couple has learned a few lessons in compatibility. Find a present with meaning. Tin and aluminum are the symbols of the tenth wedding anniversary. These metals symbolize how a marriage can be bent without being broken. Examples of possible gifts include picture frames, baking dishes or sculptures made of pewter. Get some flowers. Daffodil is the flower associated with the tenth wedding anniversary. Daffodils in an aluminum...Read More
Bright warm days and cool crisp nights make people want to gather together for good food and friendship before the colder weather sets in. Invites for fall picnics, evening bonfires, tailgate parties and simple dinners with friends will be arriving soon. A party is the perfect excuse to get out the baking pans and warm up the oven! And since homemade goodies are always a welcome hostess gift why not bake a batch of apple spice muffins or pumpkin and cream cheese cupcakes for your next gathering? Maybe a deep dish apple pie? Whatever you decide to make be sure to jot down the recipe for your hostess so she can make your tasty treats to give to her next hostess! By using personalized recipe cards printed in fall colors or designs she will always remember whose kitchen it came from. Get creative and package your goodies in a brown paper bag and attach the recipe card using colorful ribbon to coordinate with the card. Or maybe arrange them on a cutting board personalized with her name using clear cellophane wrap and securing with a knot of natural raffia to attach the recipe card and tie it all together. For...Read More
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