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At this age, having your party at home is recommended for your child’s comfort as well as your own! It makes things a lot easier, especially if any of the little ones get tired. It will also be less stressful for you and your toddler just being in the comfort of home. If you do have your party at home, be sure you set out your large toys, toddler tents, ball pits or cars, and then add some colorful decorations to brighten the place up. Themes are not the most important part of a party, so just keep it simple and incorporate your child’s likes and dislikes. A favorite character, animal or activity should be a perfect addition to your party.

Kids love bright colors so the food for the party will be more enjoyable if it is bright. Keep in mind that you should keep your food shaped in small bite sized pieces, the last thing you need is a choking toddler! Food is going to get spilled, dropped or even tossed, so having spill proof sippy cups is a great idea! Go all out with the cake, it should be the most exciting part (other than presents) for the toddler, try having your child’s favorite cartoon character or characters on the cake. Of course, the candles will be the center of attention, so don’t take your eyes off of them until they are blown out and put out of the way.

If you can do so, you should provide party baggies for all parties of all ages, but particularly for this age. The little ones will certainly enjoy some sort of goody bag. Don’t waste your funds on cheap toys; instead get one thing that is enjoyable, such as coloring books & crayons or reading books and some snacks that are toddler approved! These treat bags can be given out at the beginning or end or your party, whatever you think is best. Overall, if you want your 2nd birthday party to be successful, try to plan times, food and activities that you enjoy every day. Have fun, enjoy your toddlers and take plenty of pictures…you’ll want to record this time and party for the future!

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