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A couple’s wedding shower is a shower that involves both male and female guests and both the bride and groom. This type of shower is becoming increasingly popular! Because your guests will be both men and women, the theme and activities will vary slightly from the traditional fare. Your party will need to be acceptable for everyone.

If you are having trouble coming up with an idea, ask the bride and groom for their input. They might have a hobby or common interest that you can plan the shower around. One idea is a barbecue. Most people can appreciate a gathering of this type and it is easy to plan activities outdoors that will be enjoyable for both men and women. Another alternative is wine and appetizers. Because your guest list will naturally double with a couples shower, look for venues other than your home in which to have the shower. A local restaurant or park is a nice option. Try planning the shower time around a sporting event; the men can watch the game while the women play a more traditional shower game involving the bride. Then you can bring everyone back together with the gift opening portion of the party.

Most couple’s showers are casual. That is not to say that you can’t make it an elegant affair with dancing and dinner, though. There is no limit to what you can do; just keep in mind your guests of honor as they are the most important part of the event.

Your shower invitation is a great way to let people know what to expect. Whether it is a casual Sunday afternoon pot luck or an elegant dinner at a banquet hall, your invitation will set the mood for what is to come. The American Stationery Company offers several options for your shower invitation needs. The "Mint Julep" is a classy looking invitation that is perfect for your couple’s shower wine party. The paisley print backdrop and fleur de lis design are timeless and elegant. For something more casual, the "Tree" invitation is a nice look. A silhouetted tree and beautiful summer sunset set the stage for your custom invitation wording. They are a great choice for a couple’s barbecue or outdoor gathering. For a more traditional look, consider the "Umbrella" invitation. A delightful chocolate and floral print umbrella adorns the top of this simple invitation. Your guest will enjoy the look of this fun invitation. Invitations from American Stationery Company are sure to have both the guests and the bride and groom-to-be excited about the couple’s shower you have planned!

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