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First and most importantly you will need to decide who to invite. This decision should be based on whether or not your child is comfortable being around a semi-large group of people or if he/she prefers a smaller number… maybe your child has a lot of friends or cousins that they play with on a daily basis, in that case, you will be fine inviting each and every one of them, but be sure to ask their parents to stick around! If not, choose your closest relatives or playmates so your little one doesn’t get overwhelmed and will not be able to enjoy their own party!

Before sending out your party invitations, be sure to consider what time is the best for your toddler’s party. Be sure you take into consideration their normal routines, such as the usual nap times, breakfast, lunch, & even dinner. Try to plan your party so that as little of your normal routine is disrupted as possible. Also, try to keep the birthday bash short and sweet; around 2 hours will be plenty of time for the children, and parent/supervisors to be worn out and all set to head home for a nap!

Planning your party to be packed with activities is a must if you want to keep the toddlers entertained. Consider putting out a few items for each child that are adult size…jewelry, hats, boots, ties, high heels, etc. Most children around the age of two love to play dress up, so depending on whether your focus is on a girl or boy, this is an easy and inexpensive way to keep the attendees entertained. You can also try more organized games such as musical chairs, but be sure to gauge the children and be sure to stay away from anything that involves hard instructions. Take the easy path here, they will love noise, plenty of it so crank up the music, or try out some party favor horns. If your party is during weather that permits you should consider trying to get a bouncy jungle gym set up outside, or a toddler sized pool with lots of shade would be enjoyable as well! Just relax and plan activities that you and your child both enjoy, the others will more than likely enjoy them too.

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