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Our current job market is tougher than ever. There are so many young, eager and qualified persons out there that are out of work and looking for a job.
With such a competitive job market it is an absolute necessity that you find an edge. Something that will set you apart from all of those other mid-twenty somethings vying for the same job. Many of whom have a resume that looks very similar to your own.

One of the ways to set yourself out from the rest is by having your own supply of personalized stationery and using it.

Once you have finished your job interview, you know that it is proper etiquette to follow up with your interviewer by thanking them for their time and for considering you as a candidate for the position.

Why not follow up with a note jotted down on a correspondence card that bears your name at the top. This formal yet, understated piece of stationery tells your possible future employer that you are gracious and are willing to spend those few extra moments to write an honest and personal thank you. Unfortunately in these times our world insists that faster is better, and is quite often just as quick to exploit this notion.

However, by having your own signature stationery and using it, you are telling the future boss that you are aware of today’s competitive edge and that you accept it, that you value yourself and take yourself seriously. The hand written message is guaranteed to show your appreciation.

For those of you who think the notion of using paper is simply old fashioned and outdated, we have news for you. Those CEO’s that are looking down on all the fresh young faces, use stationery, and they are likely of the age of those persons you deem to be old fashioned.

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