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Summer break is over. You have returned to your classroom and your students will be there soon, if not already. You have probably been cleaning, decorating. arranging and rearranging desks and brainstorming for ways to start the impending school year off on the right foot. We have a few gidgets, gadgets and ideas that might be useful.

  • Square Stamper
    Your room is more than likely filled with books, books, and more books. You will have books for instruction, books that have been provided by your school or books that you have invested in personally, and books for entertaining your young readers. Even though you are sharing these texts with others, it is important to still claim your ownership. It makes an easier return for the borrower as well.
  • Teacher Memo Set
    This memo set would be perfect for jotting a note to a colleague. sending a note home to a parent, or even writing yourself little reminders. Perhaps even for taking a few quick notes at a faculty meeting or conference. This memo set highlights your name as well as your school. Maybe you are not the only Mrs. Doe in your school or corporation and need to distinguish yourself.

You have an important task in front you. It is your job to introduce your students to new experiences, ideas, and concepts. But, we know you are also looking for ways to keep your students engaged and actively learning.

  • KaDoodle Kit
    This product could be used for a variety of purposes. But, here are a few ideas. How about utilizing this kit as an extracurricular activity or for extra credit. Instead of having a specific name personalized, perhaps the kit could just be called Classroom Doodles. Maybe you have been studying a specific topic like oceans, wildlife or space exploration. What an excellent way for a child to illustrate in drawing what they have been gleaning from lessons. Or if you have been learning about elephants they could draw it and then write a short story. Maybe you have a love for show and tell. Children are notorious for forgetting to bring things to school. Give the child an opportunity to draw that special toy and then show it during class and tell all about why it means something to them.

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