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Each correspondence and piece of paper that leaves an office provides a reflection of the company. What is your office stationery telling your customers and prospective customers about you and your office? You can modernize the impression you leave on your customers with some new styles in office stationery.

We feel it is important to have a clear idea of what items are included under the basic heading of office stationery. Office stationery includes more than just the printed letterhead and envelopes on which you send out correspondence to your customers and associates. Other important pieces of office stationery are memo and notepads, business cards, portfolios, folders, address labels and printed envelopes. When choosing office stationery, it is important to choose high quality paper with printing that reflects your business.

Our goal for next week is to go through each of these several office products in detail, describing how each one can be used for your small business or corporate office, and how each is vital to the image you put forth to your customers. Some of it will likely fall under common sense, but there might be some uses you have never thought of for some very common office supplies.
(See our Business Stationery section for several of the items mentioned)

Read the following articles to come on new styles in:
Business Letterhead and Printed Envelopes
Business Cards and Correspondence Cards
Memos, Desktop Stationery and Office Gifts


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