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Write Handwritten Holiday Letters to Save Money

Photo cards and other Holiday stationery can cost at least a few dollars a pop, not including envelopes and postage. By stocking up on plain stationery or personalized stationery and making it your own with the message inside, you’ll make just as much impact with a lot less money. Without the extra cost of taking that annual holiday photo, or purchasing multiple boxes of glittery holiday cards, you’ll save money and time and put your effort where it counts: in heartfelt, original messages written specifically for your loved ones.

Get Personal

Unsure how to begin when writing handwritten Holiday cards? Just think about the basics of everyday letter writing (see other articles on letter writing). The most important element of any letter is to keep the recipient in mind, and to make the message as personal as possible. Try telling stories of Holiday memories that you’ve shared. Remember those ski trips or talks by the fire? How about the New Years you resolved to stay in better touch? Now is the perfect time to share good memories, refresh friendships, and make new resolutions. Ask the recipients of your letters to write you back. It’s the perfect way to start up a letter-writing relationship that just might last all year long.

Go Green This Holiday Season

All those Holliday cards and coordinating envelopes add up to a whole lot of paper thrown in the trash each year. Instead of sending in bulk, consider sending meaningful notes to a smaller list of your family and closest friends. By sending to a select few instead of everyone on your address book, you can splurge on high-quality stationery and spend all your extra time actually writing a sincere message. Another great option is to send Holiday Cards using recycled paper. American Stationery offers a selection of eco-friendly stationery to suit your holiday card needs.

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