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‘Tis the season to save! This year, more than ever, American families are searching for creative ways to save money without sacrificing the joy and tradition of the Holidays. American Stationery wants to help. Over the next week, we will share a few original ideas for making this Holiday season jolly and bright, without breaking the bank!

Write When You Can’t Travel

This year it will be historically expensive to travel during November, December, and January, which may mean that you won’t get to spend as much time with family and friends as you would like. Hand written letters are a great way to reach out with warm thoughts and Holiday memories even if you can’t be there in person. Do you usually go on a weeklong January ski trip with your cousins, but it’s just not possible this year? Write a note sharing happy memories of years past, and include your hopes that you’ll all be able to pick up the tradition where it left off next year. If your family always makes the cross country drive to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving, but gas prices have made that impossible this year, be sure everyone in the family writes a meaningful note to Grandma so she knows that the Holidays just won’t be the same without her. All these examples lead up to the idea that, especially when tradition and sentimentality are involved, a hand-written note is almost always more meaningful than a phone call or a quick email.

Handwritten Letters vs. Generic Holiday Cards

There seem to be two extremes when it comes to the traditional Holiday cards we all receive from friends and family each Holiday season: either a lengthy, family-update type newsletter that’s printed in bulk and sent off to everyone, or the more standard photo or holiday- theme card with a "Holiday Greetings" emblem and a signature. Of course, there is nothing wrong with these long-standing traditions, and everyone is happy to receive them, but why not make your holiday cards a bit more sentimental and a lot more personal? By purchasing fold notes or correspondence cards in bulk, and then handwriting individual messages to your family and friends, you’ll be reaching out in a much more meaningful way. Of course, it will take longer to write individual notes instead of mass producing your cards, but with just a few lines of original thought, you can send something unique, heartfelt, and truly memorable.

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