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Holiday Photo Cards

Try placing a professional or candid photo of you and your family inside the folded note you’ve written, It will be a fun surprise to the reader, and a loose photo is something more people will be able to keep by placing it in their albums or photo boxes. Have your heart set on a traditional Photo postcard? American Stationery offers a beautiful collection of Holiday Photo Cards, along with the following tips for an easy ordering process:

  • Start browsing for holiday card styles you like now
  • Take your picture today in multiple formats (horizontal and vertical)
  • Get your address book in order
  • Consider the message you want to send (and whether you want to have it printed or want to write it in by hand)
  • Calculate postage

Encourage Children to Write Holiday Cards

This is the perfect time of year to start a new Holiday tradition. Encourage your kids to help you write notes to your recipients (the effect will be precious). This is also a great opportunity to encourage your kids in their letter-writing skills. Make this a fun family activity by including the whole family in selecting the holiday cards, taking the family photo, and coming up with the list of recipients. You just may begin a memorable family tradition! For more information on getting your kids involved in letter writing, click here.

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