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Postcards have been around for well over a century and have had uses other than purely correspondence. Originally many were used as a form of advertisement. From there the idea took off and tourist attractions began printing them up with local attractions printed on the back.

By far one of the most popular items that we sell here at American Stationery are our postcards. This item is a favorite among both young and old alike. The item PST is a huge hit and has been for many many years.

These sturdy and attractive cards feature a simple single colored bold border and your information printed at the top. The border colors are available in your choice of red, blue and green. But, the ink color selections are virtually limitless.

The cards offer the perfect amount of writing room for a quick note. They are the perfect choice for writing quick notes to friends who live near and far. They are also a great option for sending out reminders to fellow P. T. O. Members.

And don’t forget to pick up a box for the kids before they head out to summer camp. The small area and pre-written address adds a convenience that young writers need. Now, they will have no reason to not send mom a few lines.

On the front of the card we print your name and address at the top for your convenience. Not using them for home? Print the name of your company at the top. Or even just something like “Thank you from The Arnolds” and use them as family thank you notes. This is an easy way to get younger children in the habit of sending out thank yous.

The back of the post card is pre-printed with the words “This side for address” and an area marked for your stamp.

At just $12.95 for 50, the value cannot be beat.  Purchase some for yourself, and a few friends.

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