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This time of year everyone is just itching for sunshine. For much of the states, it seems as though this winter weather just will not go away.

So the idea of throwing a spring fling or welcome spring party may be just the thing to get you moving. Not only will it be fun to plan one of the first social engagements of the year, but your guests will be excited to get out of the house and visit!  Make sure to wow them once they get there.

The first thing to look into is indoors or outdoors? Here in Indiana the weather can be fickle to say the least, so unless you have a beautiful covered area such as a patio or deck. Inside may be best for spring. In other places though, spring is the perfect time to enjoy sitting beside your garden. This time of the year offers the perfect temperature before the blazes of summer start.

Then it’s time to think about the invitations. After all the invite is the first thing your guests see. This gives them a clue as to just what type of affair this will be. We offer the Sweet Bouquet invitation which showcases a lovely bouquet and comes as a slender and attractive invitation. Purchase the matching address labels to finish the look.

What says spring better than Cherry Blossom? The Spring Cherry invitation is the perfect choice for an afternoon tea. There are also several matching pieces to purchase such as address labels, seals and thank you notes for afterwards.

Once you’ve selected your invitations it’s time to choose food! For a low key event we suggest several homemade or semi-homemade finger foods.

How could you go wrong with cucumber sandwiches? They’re a staple at most luncheons and teas. Try jazzing them up by adding a little bit of dried red pepper and ginger to the cream cheese.

Try a less traditional take on fruit salad and fill waffle cones with a dollop of creamy vanilla yogurt and some fresh fruit. The fresh fruit will remind them warmer weather is on the way!

Spread a bit of tuna salad on a large fresh spinach leaf for a delicious snack with a gorgeous display. Chilled fresh foods put you in the spring mindset.

Don’t forget drinks! Depending on the exact hour of the luncheon the choices may vary. For early almost brunch time soirees, consider a nice mimosa or sangria.

For the non-alcoholic drinks, offering orange blossom infused lemonade and assortment of sparkling flavored waters would be nice as well. Of course, depending on your location, a party is just not a party without the iced tea!

Your decorations should shout spring without being to overbearing. Colorful paper lanterns, always look fun and are very inexpensive. You will definitely want a vase or two of fresh flowers. If you can purchase them local that’s even better, it reminds your guests that soon flowers will be popping up everywhere! Paper parasols opened on the ground next to the buffet table look sweet and whimsical.

For a fun take on traditional place cards, write your guests names on balloons. Have them inflated with helium and tie them on the back of each guests chair floating just above their head. Just be sure, that they’re going to stay out of the way when eating and conversing.

Music will help set the mood. So select upbeat background music. Uplifting light jazz, or your favorite pop music oldies will keep your guests in a light-hearted mood. It may even bring up a few silly stories to share from their childhoods or their mothers younger years.

Most importantly when throwing a party, remember to have fun. If you are stressed out during the event, no one will have fun including your guests. Relax and remember that warmer days filled with sunshine are just ahead.

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