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American Stationery may be best known for their stylish and affordable stationery options however, there are quite a few other products that we sell.

One of those products are luggage tags. Personalized luggage tags are a luxury that virtually anyone can afford.  They come in handy, as luggage tags are the number one thing that people realize they forgot when they arrive at the airport. They also make terrific gifts, especially for your favorite jet setting friend.

Luggage tags are so important when traveling. Not only do they help you in identifying your luggage but, personalized ones aid in getting lost luggage back to you.

Many articles suggest that you should use two luggage tags per piece of luggage. One on the outside of the bag and one placed inside the bag on top of your belongings. Whatever you choose, it’s always a good idea to be a bit overly prepared and have your luggage stand out than have them blend in with everyone else’s.

Need help deciding what items you should use them on? That’s easy all of them! You will want to place tags on pretty much everything. Both checked and carry-on bags. As it is possible that what you had hoped would be carry on will become a checked piece because of compartments filling up quickly.

Also go ahead and place them on things like strollers, and children’s bags such as small totes or diaper bags. This way if (heaven forbid) your child gets separated from you, you will be easy to contact right away. Place your name and cell phone number on those bags. Some places even suggest a recent photo of yourself so you will be easily matched. Keeping everything color coordinated will also assist in locating your belongings in a timely manner and keeping them together.

Worries about your safety and security raise a lot of questions for what you actually want listed on your luggage tags. Many experts suggest putting just your last name or first initial and last name on the outside tag. Along with your cell phone number, work number or phone number of the hotel at which you will be staying. But, not your home phone as worries arise that thieves could reverse look up your phone number and find your address. With that said many experts also suggest that you list your work address or email address instead of your home address. Worried about using your real email? An easy solution to that would be to create a free email to use for travel purposes only.

When it’s time to select what tag you want, the options are plentiful.

A quick search on our website for just the word “luggage” will return about 30 different options. There is certainly something for everyone.

Competing for the top seller position here at American Stationery are definitely the Big ‘N’ Bright luggage tags and the Engraved luggage tags.

The Big N Bright luggage tags are yes, you guessed it brightly colored. They are also made of durable heavy plastic. These tags will help you spot your luggage right away. The front of the tag is engraved with your last name in large, White block letters. The back has room for your first and last names and 2-line address. Of course, you do not have to use your address. Whatever you would like in those two lines is fine such as an email and phone number. The character limits are as follows: Front side for last name is a maximum 12 characters and spaces. The opposing side for name and address has a maximum of three lines with 36 characters and spaces per line

They come with sturdy clear or white plastic ties (our choice) for affixing to bags.

Your color choices are black blue or red and a set is made up of one large tag and two smaller tags. The large tag measures at: 1 3/4″ x 6″. The small tag: 1 1/4″ x 4″

The engraved luggage tags come in your choice of solid brass or matte black. These are durable and shiny tags they will definitely stand out amongst all the other bags. They are secured with leather straps and come in one size:  3″ x 1 1/4″.

These tags are personalized on just one side and have a maximum of three lines with 30 characters and spaces per line. They are sold in sets of two so we do suggest ordering more than one set.

Not to be outdone by our best sellers, we also offer a vast selection of laminated luggage tags which come in so many different designs there is sure to be one style for every personality. These tags are fun and the best option if you are someone who must have everything personalized to your specific taste.

The tags come fully laminated for long time use and have a removable clear loop to hang on your personal property. They come in a set of four and in just one size of: 3 1/2″ x 2″. They are printed in matte ink on sturdy paper before being laminated.

Hopefully it will make it easier to remember your luggage tags when you know you have sturdy and stylish tags to show off.

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