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In 2009, we’ll all be looking for creative ways to express our individuality and to communicate in style while sticking to budgets that are tighter than ever before. In these times of economic uncertainty, we will all be relying on and encouraging our own family and friends to help get us through. We at American Stationery believe there’s no better way to pull together than with heart-felt, sentimental letters of love, support, and friendship.

As 2008 comes to a close, we are looking ahead at the trends, styles, and designs that will be big in the next twelve months and beyond. And, in order to help you stay in touch and stay in style in the coming year, over the next week, we’ll show you the top stationery trends for 2009.

Luxe Details

Small, unexpected, and even understated elements all add up to create a polished feel and an interesting effect that’s all your own. In order to make a big statement, you don’t necessarily need an overpowering color, message, or print. Look for small, meaningful motifs, interesting personalization options, and even accessories like lined envelopes for major impact without a lot of effort or expense.

Complete Ensembles

As 2008 comes to a close and things start to feel a bit hectic, look for little ways to get organized and feel ready for anything. Complete, comprehensive stationery ensembles in creative, high-quality designs help you start off the year on the right foot. Look for packages that come complete with a variety of styles so you’ll be excited to reach for that trusty stationery set each and every time an opportunity arises. Use your unique stationery ensemble for everything from thank you notes to dinner invitations, and get the most of these sweet and sensible sets.

  • For the perfect ensemble: select your favorite American Stationery pattern or color for lined envelopes, labels, and seals to be paired with our traditional correspondence cards for a totally unique stationery set.


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