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Thank you notes seem to be something we use during every stage of our lives.  They start with bridal shower, then baby shower.  After that, there are birthdays, graduation, weddings or just everyday occurrences.  Writing a thank you note not only shows good manners, but it also makes the giver feel appreciated.

Thank you notes aren’t necessary for every kind gesture, like when your husband picks up some groceries, but there are certain circumstances that require a written acknowledgement.  If you received a gift from someone out of the blue, were a guest of honor at a dinner party, or stayed overnight in someone’s home, then you should definitely send a thank you note. 

The best thing to remember about thank you notes is if you’re not sure whether to send one or not, it’s a good idea to go ahead and send it.  Here are few simple tips to help you when you write your next thank you note.

Time Etiquette

It doesn’t matter how you choose to say thank you, be sure to do it in a timely fashion.  Thank you notes for showers, weddings, birthdays or other special occasions should be sent out within two to three weeks, no later than five weeks, of receiving gifts.  Mail thank you notes for weekend stays or dinner parties the day after the event.  A thank you note will lose it’s meaning if you wait too long to send it.  To guarantee your thank you notes are received with in an acceptable time frame, buy thank you notes and plenty of stamps in advance to keep around the house.

Personalize It

You should always begin a thank you note by addressing the giver and thanking them for the gift.  Be specific when thanking them for the gift and mention how you intend to use it.  If you received money, replace the amount given with the word “generosity” or something similar.  Your thank you notes don’t have to be a long note.  Feel free to keep them short and too the point, just remember to always make them personal.  Below are a few examples of proper thank you notes:

            Dear Aunt Cindy,

Thank you for the beautiful wine goblets.  I can’t wait to use them at our next dinner party.  It was great getting to see you at the wedding.  I look forward to seeing you again soon.



            Dear Aunt Connie and Uncle Mike,

Thank you so much for your generous gift.  We’ll think of you as we’re putting it to good use on our honeymoon.  It was great seeing you again.  Hopefully, we’ll get together soon!

            Brian and Jessica

Pace Yourself

It can be really overwhelming trying to write a lot of thank you notes all at once.  So, pace yourself.  Instead of writing them all in one night, take your time and write a few each day.  Be sure to stay organized though.  Keep a list specifying who gave you what and when you received it.  It’s much easier to write from a list than it is to try and write the notes from memory. 

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