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Every family needs personalized stationery. Even if you don’t use it very often, it’s nice to have for a note or thank you from the whole family or something from an individual family member. No matter who in the family uses the stationery it should be personalized for your family, whether it be flashy and bold or something uncomplicated and simple.

A good choice for family stationery is something that includes the last name as well as the first names of all the family members. Our Dynasty Note does just that. It has your first names repeating in the background and the last name printed on top. Since it’s available in a variety of colors there’s sure to be a combination to fit your personal style. Feel free to get creative when personalizing your notes. Instead of having “The Smiths” you could put “The Smith Gang” or “The Smith Bunch”. For a fun twist on the repeating names try using nicknames. If your pets are like family members feel free to include them on the note. Anything goes with this fun note so get creative.

Another option is The Heart of the Family note card. It has the same concept as the Dynasty notes only instead of covering the entire front of the note card, the personalization is in a heart shape.

If you want a more formal and traditional family stationery you can’t go wrong with the Debossed Panel Informal Notes or the Timeless Embossed Notes. Either one can be personalized with your family’s name, monogram or just your last name initial. Even though it’s formal stationery it should still reflect you and your family.

If you’re still having trouble deciding which item is right for your family’s needs, take a look at the family thank you cards. They are simple and to the point. You can use them for a variety of things, not just thank you cards as the name suggests.

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