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Everywhere we turn today someone is snapping, sharing or exchanging a photo. The following are a few examples of how those photos can be shared aside from the traditional printing and exchanging of prints.

Those with young children in their lives want to record every special event and every year. They want to share these once in a life time milestones with grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, friends and more. While you are doing this photo exchange why not consider fresh new ways to share your photos. When planning this year’s birthday party, why not make it a photo invitation? This is fun for the receiver and adds a really personal touch to your invitation. There are a lot to choose from American Stationery and the turn around time is fast and easy.

After a birthday or holiday it is also nice to send photo thank you cards to everyone you received a gift from. If you have a young child, just fill in the blanks and the photo can say more than the written, or lack of written words.

Photos are also a great choice for holiday cards. Whether you select a traditional photo mount card or upload your photo to one of the many digital photo card designs available, everyone will enjoy seeing your children or family when they open the envelope.

If you know someone getting married you have another perfect opportunity to suggest using photos. They make photo save the date cards, and can set the tone for the wedding invitations to follow. There are even photo Wedding Invitations that feature a photo overlaid with a sheer vellum card containing the invitation wording. Of course, a wedding is another perfect time to consider a photo Thank You Card. This can be a photo taken during the ceremony or reception, and will bring back memories for all recipients.

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