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Photo calendars are an easy way to create a unique gift or keepsake for yourself or someone you love. You can select your favorite image for each month. Your special dates, vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, and the holidays you celebrate are distinct; your calendar should reflect those days. That is why the photo calendar is the right choice for your next photo gift.

Your calendar year can start on any month you choose. This is a nice tool because you can start the calendar the month a baby was born or if you are giving it as a gift you could start it in May for Mother’s Day or June for Father’s Day, December for a Christmas gift or any other month you prefer.

All elements of your photo calendar are fully customizable. You can use as many images as you like and enhance those images in many ways (fading, black and white, sepia, touch ups, etc). The Digi Lab software allows you to put images on your special dates. For example, you can place a picture in the date box of a loved one’s birthday. You can also type text in any location. The software supports several languages, too. There are 36 optional holiday overlays, designs, and starter templates to help you make your calendar distinct.

The software is easy to use. Simply download and install it to your machine. You have full control of what you want your calendar to be. Select one or two photos for each month. Then use the text boxes to add words (if you prefer) and effects such as special fonts, colors, or angles for your text. Once you have finished adding all your special holidays and birthdays to your calendar, simply save the file. You can come back to it at anytime, or simply place your order and your calendar will ship to you. If you want to create a calendar each year, you can start from your existing saved file. This will save you the time and hassle of having to retype all of those birthdays and special occasions. American Stationery and Digi Labs photo software are the total package. You can download the software for free. Use the software to design your own calendar. If you like what you see, then simply submit your order! Printing is done quickly on the highest quality paper with the finest printing materials and machines. The pricing is competitive, with these photo calendars costing less than most of the other online dealers and popular photo sites. The American Stationery difference: satisfaction is guaranteed!

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