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Digital photography has allowed for memories to be captured and stored in a far better way than ever before. You are given the freedom to print, keep, delete, or enhance any of your images. So many times the picture can tell the story. Rather than printing out all those pictures and having to take the time to scrap book or put them in an album, why not create a photo book?

Photo books are a great keepsake for displaying your most precious pictures and allow you to tell the story even better than just the photo itself can. You can make a photo book for a graduation gift that includes pictures of your graduate over their high school years. You can photo book trips or vacations. Photo books are ideal for wedding albums and honeymoon memories. There is nothing more adorable than a photo book of a new baby! If you have pictures then it can be made into a photo book. Photo books are the perfect gift for loved ones, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, or make one to keep for yourself.

Creating a photo book is so easy and can be done quickly. You can download our Digi Labs photo book software for free. It is compatible with Macs and PCs. The software is fully customizable. You can choose to use a template that lets you pick your favorite photos and will organize them automatically. But with a little more time, you can customize all of it. Choose from dozens of backgrounds and layouts. Make one page one giant picture or choose eight or nine images. It is completely up to you! You select your photos and how you want them in the book; you can even add your own wording. The nice thing about the Digi Labs software is everything is customizable. You can change ink color, font, the number of pictures you want on a page (where as most programs only have a few layouts to choose from) and you can even manipulate the pictures the way you want them by rotating and enlarging or shrinking them down. The words you add can be placed anywhere you want them (as opposed to other programs that only allow for you to type in their pre-determined text box location). If you can envision it you can make it happen in the photo book.

The Digi Labs software allows you to save your photo book. You can start it and add to it over time. For instance, you can begin with the birth of your baby and add pages as he or she grows, finishing with pictures from the first birthday party. The price of each book includes 20 pages (40 front and back), but you can add pages at a small additional cost to expand your book to 40 pages (80 front and back). Once you have created the book you desire, simply submit your order. The highest quality papers, inks, and machines are used to print your finished photo book. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

You cannot miss with a photo book. It is the perfect way to create a lasting collection of your favorite memories. Give them as a gift or make one for yourself; display them on a coffee table for everyone to see or put them back as a keepsake to go back to and reflect on at a later time. These books really are terrific!

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