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It’s that time of year where many bright young minds are on their way
off to college for the very first time. It can be a scary time for
students and parents alike. But, this is also an exciting time where
you get to learn new ideas, ways of life, and even more about
yourself. While, there is no way to just relax, American Stationery
has items to help make the new transition easy on everyone.

Consider purchasing the Cheery Dots Calendar. Item 3057_07 is an
adorable blank calendar with 52 pages for you to fill in. They are pre-printed with the days of the week at the top and blank columns ready to be
filled with all of your important reminders and tasks. For only $3.95
you can help yourself stay organized! If dots aren’t your style search item
3057 and several different available styles will be shown. So, browse the different
style options and find the one that suits you and your new
adventure best.

Unfortunately, the friends we make in high school don’t always get to
go off to college with us. Some go to different colleges and some join
the work force right away. So why not purchase a personalized cell
phone cover of a picture of you and your bff? Item number 9597 is the
perfect size to fit the iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and 4s, Samsung Galaxy II
and BlackBerry Bold! The image that you upload fully wraps the phone
so that there aren’t any plain edges showing. For $39.00 you can take
your friends with you wherever you go!

You will also want to make sure that you order plenty of note cards to
keep in touch with both those far away and those nearby. Whether you
need to send a quick note to the gal across the hall who lent you her
blow dryer when yours stopped or a message to your friend clear across
the state, it will be appreciated and admired when you order the
Rhapsody of color correspondence cards. Item number 9485 is a set of
48 colorful flat correspondence cards personalized with your name in a
fun whimsical type face. Each set comes with plain white envelopes or
you can print your return address on the back for a small fee. The 5
1/2″ by 4 1/4″ size is perfect f
or a quick note without boring anyone or seeming rushed. For $38.95
the price is perfect!

Even though you are off on your own, you cannot forget to check in
every once in a while. It’s likely your parents are just fine using
technology, but you grandparents may not be. Why not purchase some of
our Bold Bordered Postcards (Item number PST) to keep up with them?
For $12.95 you will receive 50 notecards in your choice of red, green,
or blue along with your name and address at the top. Your grandparents
will be delighted to not only hear from you but, to receive your
message through the mail! They will be thrilled to receive a message
from you and your name and address at the top will help them to
remember your information so they can write you back!
Starting out on your own can be scary. But, whether you are six hours
or 60 minutes from home doesn’t matter as they are always just a
handwritten note away!

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