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Perhaps one of the largest milestones you will face is a graduation. How fitting is the word commencement (or beginning)? It’s kind of the epitome of what defines a milestone, isn’t it’? Graduation certainly does close the door on one era and begins a new one. Graduation signifies a time of completion, a successful end to an academic era culminating with a ceremony, in which you are handed a diploma. Perhaps in the past the most celebrated graduation was high school. Now, however, there is significance placed on preschool and college graduations as well.

High School Graduation:

The tune of "Pomp and Circumstance" almost resonates in your ear, yes’? High school graduation is the dream everyone strives after. Year after grueling year has been put in to achieving this high honor. It is an achievement that one works towards from kindergarten forward. A child faces many obstacles, challenges, and advancements in working towards this goal. It is an honor and one to be celebrated and acknowledged. It is the stepping stone into the military, working world or higher education.

Graduation Snapshot


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