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Perhaps one of the largest milestones you will face is a graduation. How fitting is the word commencement (or beginning)? It’s kind of the epitome of what defines a milestone, isn’t it’? Graduation certainly does close the door on one era and begins a new one. Graduation signifies a time of completion, a successful end to an academic era culminating with a ceremony, in which you are handed a diploma. Perhaps in the past the most celebrated graduation was high school. Now, however, there is significance placed on preschool and college graduations as well.

College Graduation

College graduation is not a feat all can accomplish. Many have left behind school friends, family and hometowns in an endeavor for higher education. College is where dreams start to unfold, relationships blossom and careers take birth. It is a catapult into the unknown. It is an opportunity to achieve greater financial stability, an opportunity to embrace a specific field of study and to take personal flight into higher elevations. College graduation is often a push away from the world of academia and a lunge onto a focused pathway.

Graduation Celebration Invitations


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