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Well the season giving is upon us. This time of year most of us are going out of our way to do a little more than necessary for our fellow man. Whether you donate toys to needy children or your time at a local soup kitchen it is important to remember to give back to your community. There are many charities out there for a variety of causes and sometimes it’s hard to decide which one to devote your time or money to. But, what about giving to a place that is not a charity but, often needs help like a local nursing home or assisted living facility?

These types of facilities like animal shelters, and many other places are in need all year round. But, can feel the strain, especially so, around this time of year. Whether you wish to donate your time or your money, they will definitely appreciate anything you have to give. Don’t know what to donate?  We’ve set a little guide up below, but don’t worry there are many different things that you could give to a local nursing home or assisted living facility and in all different price ranges.

No matter the time of year, they always need things to help pass the time. Consider donating a few jigsaw puzzles.  Puzzles are great for those young and old alike. They are great entertainment and help encourage problem solving and memory skills in the brain. Many folks at nursing homes enjoy doing puzzles but, like anyone grow sick of the same old puzzles. So donate a few that you don’t use anymore or go buy some from the store. While any puzzles are encouraged, ones with larger pieces and of a larger quantity are more appropriate.

Boxes of tissues always come in handy. Some folks have family members that purchase things for them. Some folks don’t have any family and some have families that are struggling to make ends meet themselves. So don’t think that simple things like tissue or ear swabs will go unnoticed. These folks will be happy to take such items. You could purchase a few boxes of each and wrap them up like beautiful Christmas presents. Or purchase several of the trial size packages and stuff them in tiny stockings!

Puzzles books are inexpensive and always a great idea. Purchase a few word search books and crossword puzzle books to donate. They are very inexpensive and like the jigsaw puzzles help to keep your mind sharp.  They’re also portable which makes them ideal for someone in a wheelchair or bed ridden. They are fun to do and consume time. Perfect for those who are not very mobile and sick of watching TV.

Of course American Stationery offers a variety of products that will make wonderful donations.

Our item number 8786 is a terrific option.  This inspirational book is appropriately titled – Laughter Was Created For Days Like This, offers laughter and prayer to help us through difficult days by reminding us that we are not in this life alone. This soft cover book comes in handy for whenever you need a little cheering up. For $5.50 you could purchase a few for their common area, or if they have a small library area or as prizes say for Bingo?

The 3185 is a great option for a nursing home resident. These pens are quality made and come in a variety of different colors such as this lavender option. For $14.95 the Sheaffer ® pen is an affordable luxury. Purchase a couple for the home to give out as bingo prizes or to keep on hand for folks who misplace their ink pen. And, if you have a specific person in mind you can personalize the pen with their name for just $5.00 more. These items should ship from the facility in the typical three to five business days.

Not unlike those much younger, the folks at your local assisted living facility may forget an address or phone number from time to time. For $8.00 you can order blank un-personalized My Yellow Pages books. This is item number 9476 contains pages for each letter of the alphabet and allow room for things like phone numbers, addresses and email addresses. The bright yellow color will keep you from losing it and 6 1/8″ by 8 1/2″ size means you can keep it in a bedside table.  This item will typically leave the facility in about four business days with shipping time to follow.

Keeping track of day to day activities can be a job in itself. Keeping track of all those birthdays and anniversaries is difficult for all of us. Imagine how many more we will have to keep track of as our families grow as we age. At American Stationery we have many blank calendars ready to be filled in with anything and everything from important events to doctor’s appointments and more. Choose from several designs like the Pink and green quilted design number 3057_11. These 11″ by 8.5″ calendars feature 52 tear away sheets with blank spaces for each day of the month. For just $3.95 a piece you can order several in different designs for a fraction of the price for many calendars at department stores.

Writing notes and letters is something that of course here at American Stationery we take a lot of pride in and find to be very important. We specialize in personalized products but, we do have some which are non-personalized such as item CW101B. This cigar stationery box is adorable with its trendy black and white damask design. Inside are sheets of plain white paper for quick notes or to make a grocery list or mail out to a loved one. There are four different designs to choose from and each set is just $6.95.

We hope you find it in your hearts to be in the spirit of giving this season. And we hope that we can help you in your endeavors.

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