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Attending a housewarming party can be a very fun time. Often these parties are thrown as a way to politely show off a new home. Other times, they can be thrown kind of as a “just because we love to entertain!” Of course it is always possible that they only throw the party for the gifts although we really like to think that the latter doesn’t happen all too often.

Regardless, it’s fun looking for a present to bring to a housewarming party. Gift-giving doesn’t have to be stressful or feel like a chore. Think about why you are buying the gift in the first place. Not out of obligation (although, it is polite to bring a little something) but, because you are happy for the person.  You attend the party because you wish to show them how happy you are for them and want to share in the joy.

So when you have been invited to a housewarming party, you may be curious about what to bring. 

The first thing you will want to do is think about what you know about the person(s) whose party you are attending. Also take clues from the invitation that you received. Often there will be hints in the invitation that can help you decipher what is needed and or how formal the event may be.

Our item number 9580 may be one of the most favorite items to purchase from our great gifts section. This yellow birch serving board has a hand rubbed finish and allows a space for personalization. Next to the personalization is a carved out area for a ramekin pot, which is included. This board has an undercut to allow for easily handling, even when full. This item is perfect for serving fruits and vegetables with dip, or breads with flavored oil. This product is created at a separate location and therefore does take longer for you to receive, usually around four weeks.  For $66.95 this product blends both utility and good looks and is an ideal gift for the person who loves to host parties!

For the no muss person in your life you may choose to order something a little more simple yet, useful practically every day. Something like the classic white return address labels. These standard size labels offer three different styles to choose from so that you can match any personality and are a great gift for your host or hostess. For item 3265 you will receive 250 labels on a roll for just $7.95. Even if they requested no gifts, it will be difficult to not be overjoyed, knowing the have labels with their new address on them at the ready.

If you like the idea of helping your hostess with their new address but, think labels may just not be their thing, order a round stamper for them instead. Our round stampers are very popular and for good reason. They provide approximately 5,000 stamps and the ink can be refilled! With multiple design and ink color choices to choose from it can be personalized to fit practically any personality and address. The item number 6200 has as we mentioned several choices to choose from and is just $25.95. They are easy to open and close and the cover provides a simple way to store the stamper without fear of ink getting on anything you don’t want it to!

Maybe the party is in the winter? Did you know that in some cultures people would actually bring over firewood in order to help you warm the house? In most of the world, it is rare that, that is what happens now but why not pay homage to it by purchasing a personalized candle? Item number 2832 is our personalized double wick 26 ounce Crossroads® candle. This candle comes in several different color and richly scented combinations. You can have the recipient’s name laser engraved into the glass or a short phrase such as ‘home sweet home’. For $21.95 this item burns up to approximately 140 hours. 

One of our newer items here is the number 2860 for $28.95 you will receive three personalized soaps and fifteen guest towels. I can’t think of a better way for your hostess to feel like she has a little something extra to spruce up her new favorite guest bath than to display these beauties. You may choose from square or oval soaps and multiple ink and lettering style choices for the napkins. This set will truly be uniquely theirs and every time they receive a compliment from here on out, they will thank you for it

Then there are a few things, that we don’t sell but may be the perfect choice. Of course you could always add one of our items in with the following. Something like a small set of note pads to make the list of all those things they have left to do? A quick search on our website of the word memo should help you with that.

A nice bottle of wine may be a standard gift choice but, it’s a great one. Whether you choose to buy a bottle that you know they love or purchase a bottle from a winery that is now local to them the choice is yours. With so many wineries popping up everywhere, you’d be hard pressed to not find something that is crafted nearby. 

A fruit basket full of quality fruits is a nice option for not only the health conscious family but, for the family that has children. When you first move into a new home sometimes we tend to live off of fast food for a while. And getting in to the new routine and judging how long it will take to get to work and school may take some time. Having a nice basket of fruit on hand to grab an apple on the go out of will be a thoughtful and helpful gift. Tuck some simple thank you notes such as item 3124 the celestial thank you notes inside the basket. These colorful notes come in a set of 20 for $26.95 and you can personalize them with the recipients’ name. These will help your hostess thank all of those that have helped her with the recent move. 

A small basket of simple every day cleaning supplies is also a great gift idea. A few sponges, a hammer, some window cleaner, you get the idea. These are things that are often forgotten or used up quickly and can help with the settling in process tremendously. This would be a great item to throw a stack of memo pads in with the supplies. We like the idea of the memo cube item 2807 added to this gift idea. For only $19.95 you receive 675 self- stick notes in your choice of design and personalization!

Just take your time and purchase something you know they will enjoy. Don’t just think a gift is a gift because, you know that isn’t the case. Something thoughtful and possibly personalized is always the best choice! No matter, the budget we have something for you so take a look around the website or give us a call, we’d be happy to help you. 

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