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New Year’s Resolutions Celebration

Wine and Resolutions Night

Hosting a New Years Eve bash is a huge undertaking; one that you might not want to take on this year. Instead, invite your friends to a fun, low-key evening of reminiscing and resolution-making a few days before the start of the New Year.

Simply stock up on a few bottles of wine and some basic party ware. Then, set out some simple, elegant stationery and pens, which your guests can use to write their resolutions for the coming year. You can keep things quiet and personal by encouraging guests to take their resolutions home, or make things festive by encouraging guests to write funny, lighthearted resolutions to share with the whole group.

New Year’s Day Brunch 

This year, why not skip the late night of champagne and cocktails? Invite your friends to begin the New Year on January 1st with a New Year’s Day Brunch that will really help you begin fresh and anew. With a happy brunch and a goal in mind, it might be fun to see just how much you can accomplish. Encourage your friends to bring their calendars, and together you can share ideas about where, when and how to volunteer, contribute, and simply do good in the coming year. It will be fun and refreshing to fill your calendars with good ambitions and selfless plans; what a wonderful way to spend your first morning of a New Year!

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