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Do you love the feel of crisp fall weather after the endless days of summer heat? If so, what a great excuse to plan an outdoor party to share the joy of fall with your family and friends. What could be better than, being outdoors sharing ghost stories, smores, laughing and relaxing around a cozy campfire? Since fall is officially kicked off on September 21, there will be harvest festivals, Oktoberfest and lots of other traditional celebrations right around the corner, so now is your chance to spend some time planning your own unique Fall Harvest Party. The following tips and suggestions, should help you started.

You should begin by deciding whether or not to host an indoor or outdoor party. This will be dependent on what kind of atmosphere you are trying to achieve and who will be attending. If you prefer really experiencing the "feel" of fall, hosting the party outside is the best plan. Once you have decided on an outside event you should begin gathering any simple and easy to find decorations, such as leaves, apples and pumpkins. You should plan to fill in with larger decor items that add to the fall harvest theme such as bales of hay, pumpkins, cornstalks and scare crows. A few of these scattered outside your home or party area will lend a warm and friendly atmosphere. If you are hosting the party in your back yard, and your attendees will be arriving at your home be sure to also decorate your front porch with a scarecrow, pumpkins or something that coordinates and starts the fall party feel.

If you think that the cool fall weather won’t cooperate with you or your guests’ comforts or needs, you can still have a lot of fun hosting your harvest party indoors. If this is your plan be sure to bring as much of an "autumn feeling" inside by making your location a well decorated center of attention! One suggestion is to try your hand at making oak trees out of construction paper, and hanging them up on the walls or with fishing wire from the ceiling. Or use actual cornstalks, planted in corners or nooks and crannies…to avoid the mess; you could try your hand at making these as well! Another great party add-on is balloons. They always seem to make any party feel festive and add the feeling of fun to any atmosphere. They are also a good source of color, and a budget saver.

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