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It can be difficult for some children to meet new people. Adjusting to any new social scene isn’t always easy.  Having all new classmates, transitioning to a new school or most of all moving to a whole new community can be tough.

This is an exciting and emotional time for everyone involved. You’re trying to keep them interested in the new school year and the new friends on the horizon.

Let’s face it, as much as we’d love to, we can’t instantly wipe away their pain because their best friends are left behind or they can’t fit in quickly with the new crowd. But we can ease their discomfort by making the transition a bit smoother. We can help them find ways to make new friends.

I think it’s important to teach kids the value of writing handwritten notes. Later in life they’ll be better equipped to send thank-you notes after an interview. They might really enjoy writing if you start encouraging them to write early on. No matter how simple their first notes are, they’ll be bringing smiles to someone’s face.

Choosing stationery is one of the most fun parts of the process, and if your kids have a say in it they are more likely to enjoy writing the note.

Monkey Business Notes help you talk monkey business with your friends on blue and white striped fold notes.

Playground Notes  is a great card to say “Let’s go out and play”. These kids fold notes have a bright yellow interior made for conveying a cheery message.

Farm Tractor Notes  is a playful way to pass a note on and grow new friendships. A great addition these notes is a Farm Tractor Address Label or Farm Tractor Stickers.

It’s not hard, and it won’t even take too much of your time. It just requires a little planning. First decide who you want your kids to write to and what kind of stationery is appropriate – usually a folded note or a flat card works best. A big letter-size sheet of paper may seem awfully big to fill, while a note card lets your kids write a shorter message that fills up more of the card and feel like they’ve accomplished more.

Does your child have a special teacher who deserves a word of thanks? How about a grandma who lives far away? Think of a recipient first and then sit down with your kids to order some personalized kids’ stationery.

Bright Flat Cards  are framed in primary colors, these junior-size flat correspondence cards are just the size to say hi, thank you, or what’s new? Kids will love seeing their full name printed on their own cards.

Girls and Boys Fun N’ Travel Notes have bold colors for today’s kids on the go! For the girls: a traveling bus, festive tricycle, and pirate ship. For the boys: a wooden sailboat, biplane and colorful motorcycle.

Help Kids Blend into a New Social Scene

Create social opportunities. Find playmates for your children at an early age, even infants have a social drive.

Teach the basics of friendship. Play with your children to teach them important social skills, such as sharing and equal play. Parents should engage children’s ideas and provide positive reinforcement

Take your child to visit his new school and neighborhood. Schedule times to meet the principals and his teachers if possible. Get a school handbook. Take a virtual tour of the new school so your child can get an idea of what it’s really like. If possible watch a team practice, talk to the coach or to former members to find out what it’s like to be on this team. Drive by the school to see when kids are most likely to be there then stop in. 

Once school starts stay in close contact with your child’s teacher.  

Pink Camo Notes Inspire your little warriors with these super-trendy, camouflage-inspired Pink fold notes. Accessorize with matching Pink Camo Stickers can be used to personalize your child’s books, lunch bags, CDs, etc. or they can be used as address labels. 

Pink Castle Notes your princes can show her friends how special they are with this allover pink note with a castle on it. Another great addition to this are Pink Castle Stickers which are great for personalizing anything being take to school.

Get acquainted with other parents, offer to carpool, sign up to coach, be the team mom, meet other camper parents, and attend PTA meetings and other school functions. Getting to know parents of your child’s potential friends is often a great way to invite the families over, giving your child the opportunity to have a new playmate.  

Public exchanges of phone numbers and other vital information have caused numerous issues over the years. Whether someone is trying to decipher the number scribbled on their hand or find the napkin you used in their purse, it can get pretty hectic. Stop worrying! Personalized calling cards are your ticket to making sure everyone has your current information. They are perfect for parents exchanging information and providing a good way for children to connect.

Mom’s Calling Cards Daisy and Sports Ideal for busy moms! Makes organizing carpools, play dates and team practice easier.

A self-confident child will be more likely to approach others, be positive and develop friendships that will last them throughout their school career.

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