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Once your guests begin arriving be sure to great them warmly, and place their cookies in their “star” position. When everyone has arrived you can proceed with introductions and whatever type of entertainment you desire. It is usually a good ice breaker to play a game, to start the laughter and chatter flowing. One suggestion of a game that works well with the holidays is to simply have one guest ask the person next to them a personal question about the holidays….when they answer they can in turn ask the person next to them a question. Questions, for example, could be what was your best Christmas, or what is the best Christmas present you ever received, etc. This type of game involves everyone and also shares heartfelt personal memories. Once your have broken the ice and spent some time with one another you should also begin serving your refreshments….any finger food and light appetizers would be appropriate.

During the last forty five minutes or so, you should start the actual cookie exchange. Provide everyone with boxes, baskets or something to fill with cookies…have wax paper and plenty of plastic wrap on hand…Then instruct them to move from station to station replacing their original cookies with those baked by their friends. When finished they will have eight dozen cookies of all varieties ready to share over the holidays!

To add the perfect personalized touch to your Cookie Exchange Party you can assemble all of the recipes by participant into a cookie book that can be handed out to everyone as a parting gift. If your time allows a photo of each baker, and a story of why their recipe is a favorite or a family tradition would be a nice addition to each page. These books can become a tradition that is added to, or recreated each year as hostesses and participants change or are added. 

So this year don’t stress out over your lack of baking time. Have some fun and invite your friends to share their favorite cookie recipes at your Cookie Exchange Party! It can be a perfect kick off to a joyous new year.

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