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Do you love offering and sampling homemade cookies, but find your schedule doesn’t allow the time you need to bake a large variety? If so, you are probably surrounded by friends and relatives with the same problem. Why not have some fun and initiate a Cookie Exchange Party? What could be more fun to host, or attend, then something that allows you to visit, and walk away with a freshly baked large variety of favorite cookies?

A Cookie Exchange Party is normally held close to the holidays so that you will be able to enjoy your take home stash with family and loved ones. Once you have decided on a day that will best fit your schedule, and who you would like to attend, you can begin shopping for your party invitations. American Stationery has a large number of invitations that can be personalized in a variety of styles and ink colors. They even have photo invitations…an inviting platter of cookies could be your intro. Whatever you choose be sure you include the date, time and what each guest should provide. Typically each guest is asked to bring a dozen cookies for all attendees. So, if you have eight cookie bakers attending your party (including yourself) they will need to bake, and bring, 8 dozen of the same cookie to the party. Your invitation should also ask that the cookie name, and recipe, be supplied when replying to your R.S.V.P. This will ensure that you don’t have anyone duplicating cookies (and will allow you time to type up each recipe to be handed out at the end of your party).

Decorating for a Cookie Exchange Party can be as simple or elaborate as you like. If you go all out for the holidays, there probably won’t be much to add to your party decorations. If your party is in the evening, be sure your outside lights are plentiful, and that you have plenty of easy access parking. Inside should give off a warm and cozy atmosphere. A candle or two, and twinkling tree lights should lend a good start to the festivities. I would also recommend coordinating and personalizing your party napkins and tumblers. It would be really cute to have something like “Sara’s Cookie Exchange 2011”, or “The Cookie Brigade 2011” or anything creative that suits you! You could also use one of the many icons offered by American Stationery such as a snowflake, a holly sprig, or a dancing Santa Claus. When your guests arrive be sure you have set aside enough space to accommodate all of their cookies. A large table, or a long kitchen counter will probably fit the bill, and won’t need much decorating…a colorful tablecloth and a centerpiece should be enough.

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