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Sometimes we forget the importance that still comes with carrying a business card or as sometimes referred a calling card. With the way technology has practically taken over our lives it’s easy to meet someone, hit it off and just plug their number into your phone.

But, what is personal about that? Nothing. You want to keep a memory of that person so that you are likely to contact them. Whether it is a social contact or business. Putting Jack Greene into your phone isn’t really doing anything. You’re unfortunately likely to forget until one day you’re scrolling through your contacts, can’t remember who that was and delete them.

Business cards do more than just give out information regarding your occupation and phone number. They often divulge a lot about your personality. Gone are the days when you have little choice as to their appearance. One thing technology has done for the business card, is make it endlessly customizable.

Most often a business card will include the following information: The person’s name, company they work for and or personal title, address of business, phone number (work or personal), email address, and or website. The important thing here is to tailor it to your personal needs. What a blogger needs to list may not be the same as an insurance salesman. Try to give all the information your new possible client, or friend will need. Nothing more, nothing less.

Traditionally business cards are sold in the approximate size of 3.5″ x 2″ and are cut into a rectangular shape. They are then printed in a landscape fashion. However, in recent years the customizing of shape and layout has advanced and people are purchasing cards printed longways otherwise known as portrait and even in perfect square shapes such as dimensions of 3″ x 3″.

At American Stationery we offer so many different selections, you will be hard pressed to not find one that not only meets your needs but your personal style as well.

A terrific choice for the young professional is our black band card. The Black Band Calling Card showcases a dramatic black and white band that simply and elegantly decorates these functional calling cards. The size is the traditional 3.5″ x 2″ and is printed on a durable medium-weight white card stock.  You may choose any typestyle that we offer and any ink color as well. However, the band stays in the black and white. All printing is down in flat ink and the format is only as shown. These cards are sold in sets of 40 and start at $20.95.

The Pink Leopard Calling Card is a digitally printed calling card. The design is in vibrant hot pink and black leopard print. This card is printed straight up and down and so the dimensions read 2″ x 3.5″. This card is printed on durable medium-weight white card stock. You can choose your ink color and typestyle. However the design and formatting will stay as displayed both in color and layout. This makes a terrific choice for the up and coming party planner or a seamstress still working from home. The card says fun and funky while still maintaining a business like appearance. The cards are sold in sets of 100 for $33.95.

Looking for a great card to hand out mostly for social engagements? Try the elegant Melrose Calling Card. These perfectly square calling cards showcase a stunning black and white vine pattern border accented with cheery Lemon Yellow. The 3″ x 3″ size is still small enough to fit in a wallet or billfold but not without leaving a lasting impression. Order yours in your choice of ink color and typestyle with as always the format as shown.  This item has matching but, separately sold desk accessories which would really pull your desk together. Many of our 3″ x 3″ calling cards feature matching accessorized for purchase.

These three are just a sample of the many different cards that we offer. So take a look around you are sure to find something that blends functionality with fun.

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