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A wedding anniversary is cause for celebration, and that is why the invitations should be as distinctive as possible. Wedding anniversary invitations do so much more than give your guests the date, the location, and the time for your party. They convey the theme of the party as well as provide a great memento for the couple or others that wish to preserve record of the festivities. Set the perfect tone for your wedding anniversary party by selecting the perfect invitation from the American Stationery Company!

The American Stationery Company offers a wide line of wedding anniversary party invitations to choose from and each is customizable so it will show your own personal touch. From exquisite and formal to contemporary and casual, they have an invitation to suit any party theme.

For a party with all the frills, consider our Antique Frame anniversary invitation. Set on a backdrop that resembles golden parchment, the words "Happy Anniversary" are printed in a beautiful script font. A light banner dashes across the center of the invitation framed by a Greek key border. The year of the anniversary is displayed on the upper right hand corner and can be customized, followed by your invitation wording. This invitation has vintage flare and sophistication. It is the right choice for any formal anniversary party. Your guests will know that you are pulling out all the stops in celebrating this occasion! For something a little more modern, consider our You’re Invited invitations or Chandelier invitations. Both have a striking baroque background to accent your personalized invitation wording. The "You’re Invited" invitation has a whimsical place card holder, to let your guest know that you have a special seat reserved for them at your celebration. Your custom wording can go in the place card as well as below in your invitation details. Like wise, the "Chandelier" invitation is a delightful choice for your wedding anniversary invitation. Set in an oval frame, an elegant chandelier sets the tone for your classy party. This invitation has a rich look and fancy feel to it.

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