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1. Do Consider Your "Canvas"

Think about your stationery as the blank "canvas" on which you get to create something timeless and completely original. Along the same lines of putting your best foot forward and making great first impressions, stylish, high-quality paper makes a statement before your recipient even begins reading. The style of stationery matters, too. Rarely would you want to write a condolence letter on business stationery, or a love note on a "Thank You" card. Consider the color, weight, quality, and size of the paper as those qualities can convey a surprising amount of emotion and meaning. Browse our complete collection of personal stationery here:

2. Do Address Your "Audience"

It’s important to address your recipient by his or her name (or nickname) to establish a sense of personal connection. Of course, the title and greeting you choose to use will depend on your relationship with the recipient, as well as the tone and level of formality you want to establish in the letter. The most common greeting is "Dear," but a less formal "Hi,""Hello,""My Friend," or even "Hey" is a perfectly acceptable opening line for a friendly letter. For our guide to more professional or formal letters, see the Top Ten Dos and Don’ts of Business Letter Writing.

3. Do Get To The Point

A concise, thoughtful letter actually takes longer to compose because the writer has to put some thought into what you really want to say. There is no "backspace" button on your pen, and there is a limited amount of physical space on which you get to write. Written letters are not as conversational as phone calls, not as succinct as texts and not as unrestrained as emails. We recommend jotting down the main ideas, news, and thoughts you want to share with your reader before actually putting pen to paper. From your list of notes, you’ll be able to craft a friendly letter that successfully says what you want it to say.

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