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  • Stationery is Timeless
    Forget the trends. Pick a present that will stand the test of time. Whether the recipient uses their new stationery this month or holds onto it until next year, their timeless stationery will never expire, go out of style, or run out of valuable everyday uses.
  • Stationery is Versatile
    Not all occasions call for extravagant gifts, but it is always nice to shower the people you love with quality treats to make them smile! Personalized calling cards and correspondence cards make a great "thinking of you" gift, especially at times when more lavish gifts are either not appropriate or not budget-friendly. 
  • Stationery is Now Eco-Friendly
    According to a recent poll, 49% of Americans are more aware of and concerned about the environment than they were 5 years ago, and that awareness is driving their decision-making when it comes to purchases. In an effort to meet that need, stationery is going green.  American Stationery has a new Eco-Friendly line of stationery, products that exceed even our normal conservation efforts.
  • Stationery is Sensible
    Think about your own life and your own needs. . .do you really want another scarf or scented candle? Probably not! Give the gift that your friends and family will be able to use time and time again throughout the entire year. 


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