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Digital printing has become a fast way to print your stationery without sacrificing quality. One great thing digital printing offers that traditional printing usually does not is the printing of a photo supplied by the customer on their stationery. Traditional four color presses could do this job; however not in a cost effective manner. It simply did not make sense to print personalized stationery in four colors. Digital printing makes it easy and cost effective to print quality personalized stationery in full color. There are many photo products available at American Stationery and the number available increases every day! Available products include holiday cards, thank you cards, birthday and baby shower announcements, among others.

Each holiday season we all receive those neat holiday cards that feature the most recent family photo of our friends and family. Most of these cards are termed "Photo Mount" cards (see Choosing the Right Holiday Card). They are called this because the photo is mounted to the card with a glue adhesive on the back. What makes digital photo cards unique is that the photo provided by you is printed directly onto the card stock. That’s right, no assembly required. You simply write your holiday wishes on the inside, slide the card into the envelope and mail. Do not forget to add personalized address labels to make the process even easier!

Holiday photo cards such as Happy Holidays Photo Cards, Silent Night Photo Cards and our Holiday Gifts Photo Cards  are perfect for displaying your recent family photo or to show your friends and family how much your children have grown over the last year.

With the addition of our new photo upload and preview system you can change just about any feature on our photo cards. Designs like our Snow Birds Holiday Cards and Holiday Stripes Photo Cards are not limited to just being used for the holidays. You can change Happy Holidays to We Are Engaged or Johnny’s First Christmas, just about anything you can think of is possible.

Photo thank you cards are perfect for any occasion. You can upload a photo from your wedding and write your thank you message on the inside. You may decide to upload a photo of your child and thank your guests for attending the recent birthday party. You can even upload a photo of a recent addition to your family thanking everyone for the great gifts at a baby shower.

The addition of digital printing to printers has opened many doors to designers. Anything is possible for designers and the result of their labor is great products for you and your loved ones to enjoy together.

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