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While most kids aren’t typically involved in their parents’ anniversaries, there are some exceptions. These usually include the bigger anniversaries, such as the 25th and 50th. Everyone’s parents are different, so you should take your parents’ personalities into consideration when planning their party. Many couples, especially those who have been married for longer, enjoy celebrating their anniversaries with a party that involves their friends and family instead of a private celebration for the two of them. Decorations for an anniversary party create the atmosphere for a fun celebration. Remember that their relationship was the catalyst for your very existence. This makes their anniversary a cause to celebrate — not only for them but for you as well. Speak with your parents ahead of time before planning the party. While some parents might appreciate a surprise party, it’s usually a better idea to find out what they like and dislike. There’s still room for surprises, but getting their feedback will help ensure that they enjoy their party. You can collaborate with them on choosing a date so that you can budget your time. If this is the ultimate surprise party that you need an insider to their world. You will need help on this so they are available, and also show up to the right place at the right time. Get together with your siblings and have them help you plan the party. Ask them to contribute anything they can, financially and otherwise.

There are many things that enter into planning a great anniversary celebration. The first thing you need to do is select a theme for your party. You want something that would mean something to your parents — perhaps recalling a different time in their lives, your family heritage, a hobby, or favorite vacation spot.

Every anniversary year has a traditional theme that you can use for inspiration, such as china for the twentieth anniversary and gold for the fiftieth. You can make the theme more personal by using the same theme that the couple used at their wedding or choosing a theme from a major event in the couple’s married life. Keep your budget in mind during the planning as you are imagining a beautiful anniversary party.

Select and book a venue. Whether it’s a gazebo in a park, a banquet hall or your parents’ favorite restaurant, call ahead and reserve the space for your party. It could be a location that complements the theme, or it could be simply a convenient location where people can gather, such as the couple’s own house. It is some what important that you choose something convenient for everyone and is also fun and different. Unless you have an over-abundant amount of guests and need to use a party room at a hotel. Consider a place with built in entertainment or if budget allows choose something that can be personalized to the couple/family.

When choosing the date for the party, try not to compete with other things going on and choose a weekend if you are expecting guests to come in from out of town. After you choose a date and book a venue, the next step is to make your guest list. When you send the invitations, is the time to start involving all of your guests in the activities. Send out invitations to anyone that you want to invite. Slip a note inside each of the invitations asking guests to bring a photo of themselves with the anniversary couple. If you’re just going to have dinner with some close family members, then it would be okay to invite them over the phone.

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Find things from the anniversary couple’s childhood or the year they were born. Prepare a memory book to put these photos in along with photos from the party so that it can be looked at anytime to recapture the party. Put together a photograph book or a slideshow of your parents together, and display it at the party. If you don’t have many photographs to display, ask your parents’ friends or family for their help with old pictures. Another item to include would be newspaper clips or what happened the year they were married. You can find this information through an internet search or a newspaper archive site. Ask guests to be prepared to say something about the anniversary couple, such as the nicest thing he/she ever did for me, most embarrassing moment, funniest, etc. Be sure to take a photo of the anniversary couple with each guest.

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Decorate the place, if applicable, with old photographs of the couple throughout their lifetime together. Look at the space where the party will take place, and consider how you can transform it to reflect your theme. Use their favorite colors when decorating with streamers, tablecloths and paper plates. Otherwise, use silver for a 25th anniversary or gold for a 50th anniversary. For most decorating themes, one or two main colors and one or two accent colors should form the basis of your color scheme. Choose colors that match your theme. If you have extensive decorations that need to be put up within a time limit, recruit enough people to help so the decorations can be ready well before the party begins. Plan extra time for this step, no matter how prepared you are, last-minute difficulties will usually take longer than you expect. Play their favorite music in the background at the party.


  • Always keep your anniversary plans and presents personal.
  • Pin a table cover or sheet onto a wall and have all the guests sign their names using permanent marking pens for fabric. The anniversary couple can use this each year for their special celebrations.
  • There should be an area for a collage of great pictures from over the years. There are also video vendors that will make a “this is your life” video to show.
  • Toasts: Never embarrass mom and dad. They should never be embarrassed especially when it is an important milestone such as an anniversary.
  • If the idea of showing old photos to a huge group of friends and family doesn’t sit well with them, don’t do it.
  • Hire a caterer to bring your parents’ favorite foods to the party. If you’re having the party at home, then cook their favorites for them or find someone who can do the cooking for you.
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