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When it comes to love, actions speak louder than words. Show your affections by taking the time to hand write a love note to your sweet. This simple idea is anything but; putting your feelings into words can be very difficult and has proven so for dignitaries, scholars, and poets alike. Here are a few tips to assist you in expressing your thoughts on paper:


First impressions are important, whether it is your first date or a Love Letter you are penning. Understand that your Love Letter may become a keepsake that your mate will treasure for years to come. Therefore this should not be something you scribble down on the nearest scrap piece of paper. Start with your stationery. Select a fine piece in ivory or white so that your words will show up clearly. You may choose to use monogrammed or personalized stationery that has your name on it. Opt for something with matching envelopes, as this will be the finishing touch when you send your letter. Next, use a high quality pen. Use black or brown ink. Avoid blue, green, red, or other colors as you want your words to be clear rather than lost in the busyness of a colorful ink. Using a classic pairing of neutral paper and quality ink will allow this message to remain timeless.


When you set down to write your words of love, do so with purpose. This is no time for multi-tasking. Block out some time without distraction. Choose a quiet place, like an office, study, or bedroom. You may put on some romantic music or take a look at your favorite picture of your lover before you begin, to help stimulate your thoughts and feelings. Before you begin, be sure to date your letter for posterity’s sake. Pay attention to your penmanship as you write your letter. You want to write neatly and clearly so that the words can be easily understood.

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